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  • The bloodhound and the bug.
  • The bloodhound and the hare.
  • They hear the bloodhound bay.
  • No bloodhound could trail a bit further after smelling it.
  • But still he kept on, like a bloodhound on the trail.
  • Where am I to get another bloodhound as good as you?
  • One, the bloodhound Cain, had a roar like a lion's.

How To Use Bloodhound In A Sentence?

  • They resembled the ears of a picture of a beautiful African bloodhound that she had in a book.
  • She had heard it said that Bloodhound Hill could be a savage animal when roused.
  • Thus the bloodhound will track the hare over the ground for miles, guided only by the odor that it leaves in its flight.
  • Although smaller than the bloodhound it possessed greater swiftness, while its strength and ferocity were only slightly inferior.
  • Bruce avoided the bloodhound by wading through a running stream, and then had adventures which have become the subject of legends in his country.
  • Varney had discovered something, and he would follow the clue with the pertinacity of a bloodhound pursuing a faint and elusive scent.
  • Cleek clamped his jaws together like a bloodhound snapping and over his hardening face there came a slow-creeping, unnatural pallor.
  • Upon hearing this news Decatur set off in a pursuit as eager as that with which a bloodhound follows the trail of a fugitive criminal.
  • Fortunately, on the present occasion, the great bloodhound Zeres had gone down into the town with his master.
  • With the social consciousness awakened, the average individual may learn to refuse the "honor" of being the bloodhound of the law.
  • And ever, like bloodhound upon a trail, run the footprints of Sinikwe side by side with the giraffe spoor.
  • He is the greatest tracker in this country, unless it is his cayuse, which has a nose like a bloodhound and will keep the trail through three feet of snow.

Definition of Bloodhound

A large scenthound famed for its ability to follow a scent many days old, over vast distances. This dog is often used as a police dog to track missing people, fleeing suspects, or escaped prisoners. | (figuratively) A detective or other person skilled at finding people or clues. | (archaic) A bloodthirsty person.
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