Blouses in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Blouses

1. A couple of elderly workmen in blouses were opening one of these. 🔊

2. Their shoes, hats and blouses were with their haversacks under their heads. 🔊

3. They demanded our blouses and fur caps, also our watches and rings. 🔊

How to use Blouses in Sentences?

1. The bonnets and blouses all had departed, the coughs and shufflings had subsided. 🔊

2. Mama would give me some blouses and stockings, and you would buy me a tooth-brush. 🔊

3. Women, wearing light blouses and coarse linen aprons, had gathered on both sides. 🔊

4. Beneath these robes were baggy trousers and blouses among the men, short skirts among the women. 🔊

5. They were in their glory on that July day when the mob of blouses tasted of the cellars of a King. 🔊

6. Spread out on the elegant and costly table cover are two blouses of striped gray at fifteen kreutzers a yard. 🔊

7. Above these trunks they appear to be wearing knitted one-piece tunics or belted blouses that cover the hips. 🔊

8. A little lad who wears velvet blouses and fine hats had no business away from his home in such a storm as we have had. 🔊

9. Some in full knickerbockers and middy blouses were going to row or paddle, but most wore bathing suits. 🔊

10. With torn blouses and fingers full of thorns they issued from the opposite side, and rolled down a bank before they were able to stop themselves. 🔊

11. It was hard to go back to checked aprons and blouses after ribbons and feathers and war paint, but at last it was done. 🔊

12. Three cabinet-makers in blouses took their stand in front of the bottle case; a harp-player in rags was resting with his elbows on his instrument. 🔊

13. A crowd, young men in blouses and girls, with light skirts and shawls, were standing about or dancing. 🔊

14. Monsieur Jules reigned there over a company of porters, apprentices, and gentlemen in white blouses and velvet caps. 🔊