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How To Use Blow Away In A Sentence?

  • I ventured to cross it, though it looked as if it would blow away in the first gust of wind.
  • Rather it was as though one would blow away a feather; urge gently some little lesser thing away.
  • She was laughing, but the intention was to have the laugh blow away and the sting of the truth remain.
  • But if he issued that word the whole fabric he had erected so painstakingly would blow away like cardboard.
  • But that would all blow away by tea time, when we'd go ashore and spend the evening together.
  • She unfurls the everlasting fan, and wafts it delicately to and fro, as if to blow away from her the hideous aroma of the thing she is forced to say.
  • This sweet illusion will vanish all too soon, but while it lasts it makes so happy, that it is positive cruelty to blow away its soap-bubbles prematurely.
  • Why should every attempt to clear up its difficulties, and blow away the objections of atheism to its order and beauty, be supposed to originate in presumption and to terminate in impiety?
  • Mr. Figgins still continued to blow away and the agonized Bosja to mutter curses not loud, but deep, upon his head and his instrument.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blow Away | Blow Away Sentence

  • And you must blow away this fog for me.
  • You'll dry up and blow away down on the desert.
  • They shrivel or blow away when the leaf comes to its full development.
  • You spread that handful out in the sun to dry an' blow away the lighter part.

Definition of Blow Away

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see blow,‎ away. | (transitive) To cause to go away by blowing, or by wind. | (intransitive) To disperse or to depart on currents of air.
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