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  • He brought his fist down with a resounding blow on the table beside which they were sitting.
  • Two of the cannons are pointed at the bridge, to blow it into the air in case of an assault.
  • The rust on the weapon showed the time that had elapsed since this death blow had been given.
  • Catching up a spade, which he knew was close by, he aimed a furious blow at the intended assassin.
  • Madame has rung for an ice, and this little parcel, which you might blow away, contains it.
  • The blow had badly stunned Gray, and it was some time before he recovered consciousness.
  • Personally, I would advise you to go back to the schooner and blow your brains out.
  • At last, the mother, in a fit of impatience, gave her a blow which made the girl cry out loudly.
  • She took one look, then struck her horse a sharp blow and, like a whirlwind, came upon the scene.
  • For answer Ferdy landed a straight blow in his face, making his nose bleed and his head ring.
  • A Russian had been caught in the act of trying to blow up the Thorn railway bridge.
  • He proceeded to state the grounds of his belief that it was practicable to strike an effective blow for our liberation.
  • Certainly we can march off within twenty-four hours after the first blow is struck, if we begin right.
  • Samuel was a quiet lad of fourteen, who had borne with moderate patience many a hard word and harder blow from both parents.
  • He knew his pride in the girl; how close she was to his heart; and what a deadly blow it would be to him should anything befall her.
  • The horse-rider flew into a rage, and by a blow between the ears, struck the noble animal to the earth.
  • The current through the fuse being more than 7 amperes, it will blow promptly, opening the line and isolating the apparatus.
  • It was that diabolical leathern apron giving me a blow at every step, its violence increasing with my ever-accelerated speed.
  • Swift and terrible as this blow was, it created no panic in Guitar's little army.
  • The peer, the professional man, or the merchant, had had an almost annihilating blow struck at his fortune.
  • It was as if I should direct the south wind to blow in summer, or the sunbeams to make haste with the fruit.
  • Not while I had the open prairie underfoot and the summer sky above, and hands to strike a blow or pull a trigger.
  • My character was always ardent and energetic; and acted upon by my love of justice, determined me by one blow to rid the country of the tyrant.
  • In a moment Harry had wrenched the gun from her, and with a blow bent the barrel of the rifle around the door frame.
  • By these captures the port of Mobile was hermetically sealed against blockade-runners, and a serious blow given to the rebel cause.
  • It is not expected that this arrester will blow because 6 or 7 amperes of abnormal currents are flowing through it and the apparatus to be protected.
  • It was a bitter blow to them, for they had to leave their State overrun with Federals, and at the mercy of what they considered an inhuman foe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blow | Blow Sentence

  • The blow had dazed him.
  • Philippa took the blow well.
  • He will blow the trump on the day of resurrection.
  • After a bit it came on to blow a regular gale.
  • But the blow fell just before Lawrence reached Lexington.
  • All the pride in her gathered to meet this blow without flinching.
  • I'll blow her up like gunpowder in a copper.
  • Yet in one house that awful blow was found to be a messenger of mercy.
  • More's enough To blow her to snuff!
  • Pennroyal, meanwhile, kept quiet, waiting for the affair to blow over.
  • He could not understand that the blow Lawrence gave him had saved his life.
  • And hills which round them lower meet, Blow winds of liberty.
  • I'll not blow on you, and nobody else knows a word about it.

Definition of Blow

(now chiefly dialectal, Northern England) Blue. | to blossom; to cause to bloom or blossom | a mass or display of flowers; a yield
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