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How To Use Blower In A Sentence?

  • Of course, if you can get an iron nozzle for your blower the whole operation is simplified.
  • Bottom is to play the big blower in the improvised drama and the Jackass among the fairies.
  • The Blower of Bubbles removed his bandage, and presented a stocky youth with three shillings.
  • The blower of whistles was stationed there to drive back into the covert any pheasants who were so misguided as to wish to roam thence into the fields and away.
  • His eyes were glowing like coals under a blower as he looked at her and again at the batteries, seeming to include her with the guns in the spell of his fervid abstraction.
  • We had called him Puck and the Blower of Bubbles, and he himself had said he was lighter than air....
  • Blow seeds from the dandelion until none remain, counting each puff as a letter of the alphabet; the letter which ends the blowing is the initial of the name of the person the blower marries.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blower | Blower Sentence

  • Damp up, and shut the blower off.
  • The best blower procurable should therefore be adopted.
  • And Blower was not about.
  • O Lud, we were amazing-like beef-eaters or blower pigeons.
  • What would the Blower of Bubbles say?
  • The Blower of Bubbles had even ordered dinner in advance!
  • The Blower of Bubbles was giving one more proof of his amazing versatility.

Definition of Blower

A person who blows. | Any device that blows. | (slang, chiefly Britain, usually preceded by the) Telephone.
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