Blowing In A Sentence

Definition of Blowing

present participle of blow | The act of one who blows, or that which blows.

How To Use Blowing In A Sentence?

  • She was blowing a mass of slivers and brushwood into flame by the aid of a bamboo pipe.
  • It is blowing a gale now, and we shall probably have the rain down before long.
  • With it came a gust of wind, to which that which had already been blowing was a trifle.
  • One day when the snow was flying and the wind was blowing a gale the doctor came hurrying in.
  • Judy standing up in the boat with her dark hair blowing around her spied a little waiting group.
  • Window glass is made by blowing large hollow cylinders about 6 ft. long and 1-1/2 ft. in diameter.
  • But since I have you, I know a way to worry him better than by blowing his brains out.
  • It seemed sort of cheery to nest down in comfort and safety while the big storm was blowing outside.
  • A lovely night wind is blowing across my garden and bringing me congratulations from all my flower family.
  • Strong winds and heavy rains do much damage to cotton by blowing or beating the lint out of the bolls.
  • We were past in a moment and in a breeze then blowing we had the heels of anything likely to give us chase.
  • The snow was falling fast, and the wind blowing with a fury that drove pedestrians on at a rapid pace.
  • The water was cold, and there was a good deal of puffing and blowing about the time his head came above the surface.
  • All that kept it from blowing away was the tense if sprawling fingers of his right hand; his left hung limply at his side.
  • The wind blowing through the baling wire which anchored the stove-pipe to the wall sounded like an aeolian harp played by a maniac.
  • Many articles, such as bottles, are made by blowing the plastic glass into hollow molds of the desired shape.
  • Without any hint or warning, there was a loud, roaring sound, like that of some engine blowing off steam.
  • He assumed an air of ease, throwing an arm over the back of his chair and blowing the smoke through the gash of his twisted red mouth.
  • For this purpose they are produced by blowing into a small luminous Bunsen flame from one side through a blowpipe.
  • A shell fell on the outlying section and blew up a henhouse, killing nearly a dozen fowls and blowing a big hole in the ground.
  • Rough country moreover is apt to be windy country, with sharp, unlooked-for gusts blowing from unexpected quarters.
  • The wind must be blowing from the deer to the hunter, or the scent will alarm the animal, and he will go snorting and bounding away.
  • But, after nearly bursting himself with blowing the conch in every conceivable way, he was obliged to give up the secret as a bad job.
  • A blizzard was blowing wildly over the American prairies one winter day in the earlier part of the present century.
  • Hitherto it had altered obligingly to suit different situations; blowing now hot, now cold, according to the wind of circumstance.
  • After that went he about, and when he was come south again to Salpti he found a gale blowing down the fjord and driving spray into his countenance.
  • The tiniest gust, blowing from one side or the other, was sufficient to cause it to lose its balance, and over it would topple sidewise.
  • There had been moments to-day, especially with her hair blowing across his face, when a fellow almost forgot!...

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blowing | Blowing Sentence

  • Underneath are the archangels blowing their trumpets.
  • It is blowing dead on shore.
  • It is blowing the water off-shore.
  • The wind was blowing fresh now, and the sea was getting up.
  • The rain had ceased and the wind was not blowing so hard as before.
  • With sleeves blowing she sped down the room as if on pinions.
  • Gracious, there's a bugle blowing again.
  • By blowing into the tube the glass is blown into the shape of the mold.
  • He explained, quietly, that her hair was blowing in his eyes.
  • That there nor'easter is blowing great guns again and it's a cruel tide.
  • He went off alone, and brought back the articles in triumph, blowing his horn.
  • He's always blowing about his blamed old place as if he still owned it.

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