Blubbering In A Sentence

Definition of Blubbering

present participle of blubber | noisy sobbing

How To Use Blubbering In A Sentence?

  • Here, Marble gave in once more, blubbering just as hard as Neb, himself, had done.
  • She hates blubbering and never cries except when the dogs die or her father reads poetry to her.
  • There was a picture of her in the door a moment being led inside by her mother, blubbering into her hands.
  • And he began crying and blubbering like a great baby, till his pipe dropped out of his mouth, and broke all to bits.
  • The Siem and the people were astonished to hear him speak in clear tones instead of the blubbering manner in which he had always been known to speak.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blubbering | Blubbering Sentence

  • We want no blubbering here.
  • Poor old Diggs is blubbering like a child.
  • There'll be blubbering all night.
  • But Satish was much annoyed at the blubbering of this overgrown boy.
  • Like a madman, always blubbering "O Keshavati!

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