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How To Use Blue In A Sentence?

  • Before long little patches of blue began to peep warily through narrow spaces above.
  • She was wearing her smartest dress of blue serge and her gayest hat of a deep old red.
  • A shoal of scarlet and green parrot-fish pursue a tribe striped with blue and orange.
  • He laughed and reddened, and she saw the glow of pleasure kindle in his unclouded blue eyes.
  • The violet holds the blue, but also that deeper soul by the blue alone made visible.
  • In the foreground a great silver fir, spiky and solitary, rose up in the blue night.
  • Westwards rose the great hills, blue in the distance, the hills towards which Gray was riding.
  • At that distance it was impossible to see the tightening of his lips and the steely flash in his blue eyes.
  • The flower-gardens were drawn symmetrically about the house and were set with blue flower-vases in which there were red geraniums.
  • Half a dozen men in that room had the same shade of hair and mustache, and the same ordinary blue eyes.
  • For an instant his blunt question disconcerted her, and while she hesitated she felt his blue eyes on her downcast face.
  • For the first time a smile softened his face, and the roving blue gleam danced blithely in his eyes.
  • Incense rises from open censers on the dais, the blue cloud enveloping a gorgeous altar, encrusted with gold.
  • She rose and stood looking out of the window at the blue expanse above the housetops, with part of the smile still lingering on her pink lips.
  • Then another youth approached, and received more airily a silver token, with the same blue ribbon and songful welcome.
  • He looked again: her dark curling hair hung on her swarthy neck, and she was somewhat untidily dressed in blue linen.
  • Her dress to-night, of delicate blue crepe, began slightly below the throat and reached almost to her ankles.
  • He could discern pink and white and blue and gold; but the indeterminate shades, the subtleties and mysteries of charm were enigmatical to him.
  • Not a cloud stained the intense blue of the sky; and over the bright grass on the hillside the sunshine quivered like an immense swarm of bees.
  • The afterglow had faded slowly into the blue dusk of night; only a faint thread of gold still lingered beyond the cedars on the western horizon.
  • His anger, if it were anger, had blown over him like a summer storm, and the clear blue of his glance was as winning as ever.
  • Morning reveals the dark forests of mysterious Borneo, rolling back to the misty blue of a mountain background.
  • This seemed to be too deep for Marty, and she turned the subject by producing a letter from the pocket of her neat blue dress.
  • The peak towering up in the blue air so far above its fellows was Rodwell's Peak.
  • It was a morning in April, blue and soft as a cloud, with a roving fragrance of lilacs and hyacinths in the air.
  • I can see the blue clusters of wild grapes hanging amongst the foliage of the saplings, and I remember the taste of them and the smell.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blue | Blue Sentence

  • Juveniles have bright blue tails.
  • Corinna gazed up at the blue sky and the sunlight.
  • A flicker came and went in the blue eyes.
  • I could see the blue flame issue from his eyes.
  • An impression drifted like smoke across the blue of his eyes.
  • At that moment his eye was caught by some letters written on blue paper.
  • His eyes became blue again, and as keen as the blade of a knife.
  • The males have a deep red dewlap with a dark blue median spot.
  • So we say the blue sky at night; but how different at night and by day!
  • Authors of small volumes in boards, and pamphlets stitched in blue paper.
  • Through the waving boughs Gray could see a blue sky shining.
  • Yes, the black background with the blue larkspur was the best that I saw.
  • Send for our illustrated Blue Book, fully explanatory and free.
  • But next to Colonel Younghusband in robes of bright blue silk sat the Amban.

Definition of Blue

(entertainment, informal) Pornographic or profane. | (ergative) To make or become blue. | (transitive, metallurgy) To treat the surface of steel so that it is passivated chemically and becomes more resistant to rust.
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