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  • The bluer you are the more volcanic you get.
  • To-day there is no blue bluer than its waters.
  • The sky grew bluer and the air grew colder.
  • His eyes looked bluer than ever in his parboiled face.
  • The longer they looked upwards, the bluer seemed the sky.
  • But Peter got bluer and bluer.
  • Sally's eyes burned bluer than before.
  • He was thinking vaguely how much bluer than the sky were her eyes.
  • The inquirer's eyes rested on her, bluer than ever.
  • Far, blue hills, bluer and intenser than ever in the rain-washed atmosphere.

How To Use Bluer In A Sentence?

  • But her eyes under her plain felt hat were bluer than myrtle and her cheeks pinker than a rose.
  • The sea was no longer rolling brass; it was bluer than anything he had ever seen.
  • The sunshine was no brighter than her yellow hair, the sky no bluer than her clear blue eyes.
  • And it was crowned by a dome of lapis lazuli, bluer than the South Pacific under a melting sun!
  • Over there the grass is greener, the sky bluer and the scenery more beautiful than it is in any other part of the world.
  • Sad or sinful is the life of that man who finds not the heavens bluer and the waves more musical in maturity than in childhood.
  • Blue were the rifts between the clouds in the autumn, but bluer and brighter my mother's eyes.
  • The water was bluer than blue and the small patches of fair-weather clouds seemed brilliantly white.
  • She had long hair that was gold in some lights and in others a pale brown, and her eyes were bluer than gray.
  • His were boyishly ardent but solemn, hers were misted over with tears, but brighter and bluer than the stone upon her finger.
  • The wind blew freshly and the sea stretched all one pure blue, till it met on the horizon with the bluer skies.
  • Trees rose high above the small house, and inside the fence were tall spires of delphinium, bluer than the sky.
  • She was in the yellow room, changing, and the blue roses in the filmy little dress she selected were not bluer than her own wondering eyes.
  • Barefooted she tripped over the cool wet sands, glorying in the broad expanse of blue, with white gulls dipping to it from a bluer sky.
  • February slowly gave way to March, the sun each day rolled higher and higher, and the heavens grew bluer and bluer.
  • His father had married a Scotch lassie, with no bluer blood in her veins than that which had been given to her by some rugged Scotch ancestors.
  • Her sapphire eyes, bluer than ever azure skies could seem, sought to gaze upward, but ever and anon their long-lashed lids fluttered and fell.
  • When you see your own pals getting bluer and bluer in the face, and coughing and gasping, oh, I tell you it made us mad!
  • There were fleecy clouds, however, hurrying across the sky as if on business bent, and the blue between them was bluer than ever our young folks had seen it.
  • With nothing to engage the eye save the blue sky and the bluer water, the most is made of every circumstance at sea, and even trivial occurrences become notable.

Definition of Bluer

comparative form of blue: more blue | (rare) Synonym of blue (“blue liquid added to laundry to prevent yellowing”)
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