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  • Speculation only blurred everything.
  • The view was blurred by unshed tears.
  • Or is your mental picture blurred and doubtful?
  • An image more or less blurred will appear on the screen.
  • Noises faint, but not blurred any longer.
  • The blurred shadow of the foothills seemed stationary.
  • The dancing heat mist blurred before his eyes.
  • This picture, ofttimes blurred with tears.
  • Slashaway opened blurred eyes, "Phew!" he muttered.
  • Now the light had faded from them and they were blurred and full of pain.
  • The maid's eyes smarted and blurred in the smoke.
  • With blurred vision Sidney saw Hewett enter and come forward.
  • Charlotte's eyes, too, were blurred and her lower lip dropped.
  • The girl's mouth smiled, but her eyes blurred wet with fright and tears.
  • Mr. Janney's head was thrust forward, his blurred eyes alight.

How To Use Blurred In A Sentence?

  • The routine of their shared life blurred for them the sharp realisations of the night.
  • The vision of the little brown girl and the little brown horse blurred and faded.
  • An indefinite number of footprints, blurred but enormous in size, were marked in the snow.
  • They were shaky, ill-written words, and might, who knows, have been blurred with a tear or two.
  • As the days went by the likeness in fact that he had seen in her to his vision became blurred and faded.
  • For a moment the small type was all blurred and indistinct, and then one text seemed to leap out at him.
  • With the other she steadied herself against the wall; the room had swung for a moment, blurred before her vision.
  • Her teeth came down on her lips to stop their sudden quivering, and the picture on the wall grew blurred and indistinct.
  • The whole external scene blurred to him, and only after a moment was he able to bring the torpoon back to an even keel.
  • I turned away with a sense of deep sadness; the very sunshine seemed blurred with a shadow of dreariness and shame.
  • However, if that chapter in his life was blurred and misty, to-day's was clear.
  • The branches drooped from the trees, blurred by the mist and the half dark into strange shapes along the trail.
  • Hedges and fields swept past them in faintest outline, here and there a blurred mass, which they recognised as a farm building.
  • There were other incidents, still more blurred in his memory, but enough to recall how loyal the whole little gang had been to him.
  • This way and that the lights were blurred into a misty radiance; overhead was mere blackness, whence descended the lashing rain.
  • She remembered her mother but vaguely: as a beautiful vision, blurred by the years; but her father was clear in her memory.
  • That night, taking the jewels, hot and nervous, his glasses had blurred the way they do when your face perspires.
  • At first the noises seemed faint, blurred perhaps, like an almost inaudible spattering of radio static.
  • Menard and his men, though only a few rods away, were but blurred forms as they moved about the canoe, gumming the new seams.
  • For one breathless instant they clung together, in a sharp, passionate gladness which blurred every sense of dread or danger.
  • The shades of opinion so sharply defined in the country are blurred and lost in the great currents of Parisian business life.
  • The recollections I have are only the faintest ones, blurred and indistinct, like shadows in a dream.
  • Its clothing had got all awry, its hands were blue with cold, and the tears from its pretty, blurred eyes were running in a copious stream.
  • Then she stood before them and her dark eyes dwelt, impassive and melancholy, upon the sea of faces, tumultuous and blurred with clapping hands.
  • You listen in, and if the sounds are blurred or not sharp, tune your instrument as I have shown you until you can hear distinctly.

Definition of Blurred

Out of focus; partially obscured; smudged. | simple past tense and past participle of blur
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