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  • The tears were splashing down her face and blurring the bright day.
  • And yet, the blurring of his memory was not too inexplicable.
  • The smoke thickened, blurring and blotting out the prostrate figure.
  • The unpainted buildings danced in it, blurring with the heat waves.
  • For a second something came between her and the window, blurring her vision.
  • The two women ambled on, their chatter blurring with distance.
  • Space, tribulation, and the months, were having their blurring effect.
  • He, too, felt that hideous red mist enveloping him and blurring his sight.
  • She could not answer, her knees shaking, the place blurring on her sight.
  • His hands grasped the table's edge while the blurring of his eyes increased.
  • An oath--spurs--a blurring of grey mist.

How To Use Blurring In A Sentence?

  • Your letter was so abominably defaced by blotting and blurring that it was entirely illegible.
  • The customary close of day was accelerated by a simultaneous blurring of the air.
  • He read as he always read in moments of excitement, blurring through with a glance.
  • But Sophocles worked by blurring his structural outlines just as he blurs the ends of his verses.
  • Before the first tender blurring of the leaf-buds we knew our trees, and loved them for their almost human qualities.
  • Loud bangs and tremors, murmurings out of high windows, whirring of machine belts, blurring of horses and motors.
  • The confusion, the blurring of old party lines, in present-day England is like the monster in the frontispiece.
  • Rain again, blurring villages, and sweeping through the stone streets of a town: fields once more, and at last Manzanares.
  • In the east, where the enemy hung, the twilight had come already and now both Mexicans and Comanches were blurring with the darkness.
  • Wordsworth at times postponed the description of a scene that appealed to his poetic fancy with the express purpose of blurring the outlines, but enhancing the personal factor.
  • In the rays of the swollen sun the close-packed hovels enclosed within the moss-covered walls seemed to rest upon a blurring background of vermilion earth.
  • As he thought of it now it was as if life had simplified her; she had let slip from her, like useless garments, all those blurring artificialities that keep people apart.

Definition of Blurring

present participle of blur | A blurry patch.
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