Blurry In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blurry | Blurry Sentence

  • He looked blurry behind her tears.
  • I started to feel tingly and blurry eyed.
  • A blurry white light filled the room.
  • She looked around her, but could see only a few blurry shadows.
  • Blazing stars, with the great blurry bluish globe of Earth among them.

How To Use Blurry In A Sentence?

  • I think the ruling sets unnecessary barriers on musical creation and ends up with a rule that is just as blurry as the one it criticizes.
  • He did this several times, each inking making an ugly, blurry figure that completely ruined two or three pages of the book.
  • His memory was still blurry and incomplete, he knew, but he did suddenly remember that a decision had been made for Martin to take the treatment.

Definition of Blurry

(of an image) Not clear, crisp, or focused; having fuzzy edges. | (figuratively) Not clear; lacking well-defined boundaries.
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