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  • It also blurs our judgment of conduct.
  • It blurs the tone and gives a false effect.
  • It blurs civil disobedience and plain old lawbreaking.
  • But the languor of death comes over the limbs, and blurs the sight.
  • Your arms and hands are just blurs to me when they're moving that fast.
  • Masses of seaweed swept like gray blurs down the sheer of the tug's wake.

How To Use Blurs In A Sentence?

  • He blurs the print of the scholar's book, And intrudes in the maiden's prayer.
  • The helicopter shot upward into the air and forward, both its elevating fans and its propellers whirling blurs of light.
  • But if the weak convex blurs it, it shows that there is some defect in focusing, if the near vision is below normal.
  • To windward, the sea looked as if it had been strewed with feathers, for there were flecks and blurs of white everywhere.
  • The instruction card supplies a most accurate memory in inanimate form, that neither blurs nor distorts with age.
  • The connection between one tone and another in good legato is so clean, so free from blurs that there is nothing to compare it with.
  • First are drawn strokes and blurs without meaning; then certain strokes are imitated; then signs of sounds.
  • An eye that is too large and round and bulging brings the rays to a focus in front of the retina, and this also blurs the image.
  • From the ridge they looked dark blurs and streaks, relieved and diversified with an odd-looking shimmer of light from the spear-points.
  • In the faint radiance from the mysterious schooner, he could make out their faces, pale blurs all fixed on the strange spectacle.
  • People tell you fear takes wings at a stern climax, that a hot passion fills the brain with blood and the danger blurs to the eye.
  • With a roar and a bang the swift little machine rapidly got up speed, the propellers whizing so fast that they looked like blurs of light.
  • The shining to the southward was, beyond all doubt, the sea, and the white blurs among the palms could represent only factories!
  • They made two little blurs of light in which the linen-covered furniture assumed queer, ghostly shapes that seemed to move as the flames flickered.
  • The inner surface, which was white, but slightly stained with yellow, with blurs of slate colour here and there, was thickly studded with gold.
  • On the dark earth beneath he could see towns as blurs of light on all sides of him, but no one of them was big enough to be Paris.
  • The habit of appealing to the jury jags and blurs the finer edge of their faculties, and they are more prone to canvass the suffrages of the surrounders than to address themselves to the actual issue.
  • His fear grew until he refused to credit the fact that the blurs were sharpening in outline, that he could now count five fingers on the hand he sometimes waved despairingly before his face.

Definition of Blurs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of blur | plural of blur
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