Blushed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Blushed | Blushed Sentence

  • Gregorics blushed too.
  • Dolly blushed up crimson.
  • Ellen blushed assent.
  • Rhoda blushed through her tan.
  • She blushed for his crudeness.
  • Bowles blushed and blinked with embarrassment.
  • Rhoda blushed and slackened her flight.
  • Paul blushed like a schoolgirl.
  • The lawyer blushed a little.
  • He blushed and hastened to apologize.
  • When she blushed she was almost a beauty.
  • Vixen blushed rosiest red at the allusion.
  • Dolly looked surprised, then blushed up.
  • Then she blushed up, and ran into the house.
  • Quay blushed slightly, then grinned.
  • The girl laughed heartily, and blushed a little.
  • He became perfectly silent, and blushed like a child.
  • I blushed for my sex when I was there.
  • The girl was Rosalie, who blushed and looked embarrassed.
  • Violet Tempest gave a startled look, and blushed crimson.
  • Dolly blushed crimson as she stooped to look for a glove that she had dropped.
  • She blushed and laughed a little, and shrugged her shoulders.
  • She knew that he must notice it, and blushed all the deeper.
  • She stopped short and blushed painfully as one of the nurses came to the door.
  • I had blushed with pleasure; such fine ideas had never entered my head.
  • I blushed when I remembered those dreadful landscapes of mine.
  • And though she blushed and smiled, I was discarded!
  • Miss Aubrey suddenly blushed scarlet, and trembled violently.
  • I niver blushed before or since; but I blushed all over my carkiss thin.
  • Then she blushed and blushed as the astonished Launcelot and Judy praised her.
  • In spite of her assumed dignity, she blushed in the old man's presence.

How To Use Blushed In A Sentence?

  • Ellen saw her blunder, and blushed crimson as she perceived her friends all smile.
  • Dicky blushed a little, and felt very guilty without in the least understanding the offence.
  • Jean blushed when she saw herself ride up to those three and "throw down on them" with her gun.
  • There was a roar of laughter, and the Son of the House blushed to the roots of his hair.
  • She blushed again, upon my soul she did, and I heard Williams gasp in astonishment.
  • When he offered to help George, Dolly blushed up, and raised two grateful eyes.
  • The girl blushed up, and seemed embarrassed, and began pulling the ribbon and the cross round her neck.
  • Ellen blushed crimson as she beheld her old admirer, and thought how often he had stood in that selfsame room in how different a guise.
  • She blushed and trembled at seeing me, and tears rushed into her eyes, for she remembered in whose company she had been accustomed to behold me.

Definition of Blushed

simple past tense and past participle of blush

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