Boasted in a sentence

Definition of Boasted

simple past tense and past participle of boast

How to use Boasted in a Sentence?

  • Moreover, they boasted of all these exploits as if they had been the greatest fun in the world.
  • I even boasted of her honesty as an excuse for my keeping her, nuisance as she was.
  • Those men who had boasted they would kill themselves, surrendered with the rest.
  • She boasted that she lived better than her brother, who was earning good wages in a shoe-factory.
  • As time went on, arenas were built all over the empire, even small towns boasted their own.
  • Wickersham had boasted that he had made a great deal of money in South America.
  • This, then, was his boasted strength; this was what Radford Leicester had come to.
  • Ben never boasted about Sally, but he was willing enough to talk about Pedro, or the cockatoo.
  • There was but one hotel, called the Crescent City, which boasted of no floor and no food.
  • He held up his brother's head before five thousand men and boasted of the murder.
  • He held up his brother's head before five thousand men and boasted of the murder.
  • Spain's boasted pride, La Mancha's matchless knight, Whose valiant deeds outstrip pursuing fame!
  • He who had boasted that he had nerves of steel, and that no whisky ever distilled could make him drunk!
  • Such, as we have seen, are the inevitable logical consequences of this boasted scheme of necessity.
  • They boasted of their ability to make the worse appear the better reason, to prove that black is white.
  • It is certainly not a handsome face, for any good looks he might once have boasted were destroyed by his broken nose.
  • THOAS Thou dost not seem Unworthy of thy boasted ancestry.
  • The institution boasted of no carriage, and the single horse-car that travelled to the station belonged to the hotel and its guests.
  • She boasted of her ability to stoop over and, without bending her knees, to lay both palms flat on the floor.
  • It became apparent now that the Austrian had not boasted of the speed of his craft without reason, for he gained perceptibly.
  • The conversation turned upon cattle; he boasted of his breed, his mode of managing it, and of the general management of his estate.
  • It had no fonts that I could observe, but boasted of a gong in addition to the sonorous stones for summoning the faithful to prayers.
  • Each of them looked like a king, and was noble in birth as in worth, And each of them boasted he sprang from the oldest race upon earth.
  • Now as this one may be the last, I would give much thought to it to the end that it prove the supreme test of the boasted brightness of your wits.

Short Example Sentence for Boasted

  • Hoppner boasted of his exploits.
  • He had never boasted about the tea.
  • I will make experiment of thy boasted power.
  • Was it the boasted chivalry of Suabia?
  • The Boasted Strength of Moro Castle.
  • He had boasted to her of his intimacy with a common dancing-girl.
  • He boasted without reason of having found the quadrature of the circle.
  • In reality he knew almost to a dollar, but he never boasted of it.
  • He boasted he took no exercise, and also of his knowledge of port wine.
  • Germany then boasted a gold reserve approaching 2,000,000,000 marks.
  • Lord Kitchener has always boasted that he scorned popularity.
  • A little girl who boasted curls, yellow curls in tiered rows about her head.
  • You just watch me," boasted Pinkie Whiskers.
  • DeWitt and Porter boasted of corduroy trousers, while Jack wore overalls.
  • On another occasion he boasted of his supposed descent from Louis XIV.
  • Cuba's boasted military or defensive strength is chimerical.

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