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  • Where is the boasting of those who are called wise?
  • It is always boasting of its rich relative.
  • Here he remained drinking and boasting for some time.
  • Many a girl would go boasting round about that.
  • I don't say this in any boasting spirit.
  • Or he might have thought him boasting of another's deeds.
  • For long hours I listened to their lying tales and boasting ...
  • I come not boasting back from the hills under Aether Mountain.
  • A nation so firm, so faithful, so true, Ne'er given to boasting unseemly.

How To Use Boasting In A Sentence?

  • He was inordinately vain and conceited, and was continually boasting of his prowess.
  • I thought she was boasting about her family, and then slowly the meaning came to me.
  • Let host and hostess refrain from boasting of the price of any article of food upon the table.
  • The stage of boasting had been reached when Galada and the headmen returned to the banquet.
  • I am not boasting of it, for what many men could have done I should have been able to do.
  • Also, Robert keeps boasting of his influx of energies, and his appetite is renewed.
  • So much for the bloodhound, and Herr Major is ever boasting of what the brute can do.
  • Master Peyrou, he is never tired of boasting of the courage and agility of the Muscovite!
  • Now, with all his boasting Reddy Fox had kept at a safe distance from the stranger.
  • And Bob rode round the county boasting that he was as rich a man as there was in Clark Township.
  • Mexicans were boasting already that Taylor would have to surrender to Santa Anna without a battle.
  • He conceded he had been led away by emotion and enthusiasm when he was betrayed into boasting of his prowess.
  • A petty journalist was boasting in company, that he was a dispenser of fame to those on whom he wrote.
  • It is not enough that they should laud to the skies a constitution containing boasting declarations in favour of freedom.
  • Jackson went among his men boasting loudly how he had taken the starch out of that young peacock of a captain.
  • A nation everlastingly boasting itself the freest on the earth submits unhesitatingly to more social tyranny than any people in the world.
  • Great sums of money and enormous volumes of boasting had been expended on airplane construction without getting any airplanes.
  • Even as a tiny boy he had brazened it out, boasting of his mental achievements and slurring the weakness of his stunted body.
  • It might seem like boasting when he said that with her by his side he could do anything, but she felt sure it was true.
  • We blush for ideals but we have no shame in boasting of commerce and factories; we are ashamed of the things of beauty and we love only the useful.
  • A single towel and a well-used horn comb still boasting a number of teeth, were suspended by strings.
  • Cicero is reproached with too frequently boasting that he had saved Rome, and with being too fond of glory.
  • He was continuously boasting that it was the handiest place of all, and if it didn't get him he'd be the only perfect specimen invalided home.
  • The governor, especially, regarded it as something well worth boasting of, and he was in excellent spirits.
  • After he had thrown several of them he started boasting about his brother Jean, who had taught him the hold.
  • It was a nice room for the teller of a town bank to occupy, boasting a wicker chair, a leather couch and a brass bed.
  • Once Falstaff was boasting that he and three men had beaten and almost killed two men in buckram suits who had attacked and tried to rob them.
  • You seem to have only been boasting before Panshine, when you told him that you had come into Russia to till the soil.
  • After supper, speeches were made in the Homeric style, boasting of what the warriors had done, and intended to do.
  • Then Pandarus shouted to his comrades to advance, boasting that now the bravest of the Greeks was fatally wounded.
  • And Caleb spent most of his waking hours boasting to the tolerant Allison of new and quite astonishing traits which he found in the boy.

Definition of Boasting

present participle of boast | The making of boasts.
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