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  • Jacob never boasts of success.
  • Kazvin boasts a hotel and a boulevard!
  • It boasts of two churches.
  • Thus he boasts the stolen ornament to this day.
  • He boasts magnificently, with his mouth full of nails.
  • Johnny was not one who made loud boasts of what he intended to do.
  • Indeed the river is a perpetual gala, and boasts each month a new ornament.
  • Parasurama then appears and boasts of his destruction of the Kshatriya race.
  • The advancement of which this town boasts is stupid, immoral, detestable.
  • But these are the boasts of Homeric heroes before going into battle.
  • He made his boasts that no one had ever 'got away' with him or ever would.
  • He hath a rack there that he boasts makes all others as Christmas toys.
  • Similar boasts occur in the poems of Empedocles and of Taliesin.
  • Mid-Lavant church is Early English but boasts a Norman window.

How To Use Boasts In A Sentence?

  • Oroville boasts that it has never surrendered and that it has never been cleaned out.
  • But what confessions or boasts he had been betrayed into making he said nothing about.
  • Christianity boasts of having brought to men a happiness unknown to preceding centuries.
  • But science boasts of being in a flux for ever; boasts of being unstable as water.
  • The military academy is now the pride of the city, and boasts of a respectable navy.
  • The town boasts of a hospital, a free library, and two printing establishments.
  • The city boasts of one great park of a thousand acres, on the hills and ravines out by the sea.
  • She was shrewd enough to recognise that the man who boasts of lukewarmness is generally something less than tepid.
  • From a thriving village it has grown into a city of respectable size, and boasts of a mayor and councilmen.
  • His face reddened as he recalled the boasts he had made upon several occasions and how far he had fallen short of fulfilling them.
  • Hegel boasts that the movement of dialectic is at once necessary and spontaneous: in reality it goes beyond experience and is unverified by it.
  • The Hand prescribing, or the flattering Quill, Who doubly plagues, and boasts two Arts to kill!
  • Incidentally, also, he made good his boasts and held the fort with equal pugnacity from the savages.
  • This, however, he held to be remarkable rather than ennobling, and such boasts as he made of it were tinged with playfulness.
  • It boasts of infallibility, when its fundamental theories are conjectures that the advance of thought may to-morrow show to be vagaries of fancy.
  • In this country that boasts no class distinctions, we, nevertheless, have a class at the very top: the privileged caste of readers.
  • He served Alessandro too in Florence, and boasts of the intimacy which he enjoyed in the ducal household.
  • It is here that one must wait quietly as dusk begins to fall, if one would see faint forms of those of whom Merton boasts as her noblest sons.
  • How baseless the proud boasts of national greatness when only an insignificant and almost invisible few paid any attention to the claims of military glory!
  • The general Samara Jambuka, the jackal of war, boasts that he can cleave a roll of butter with his falchion.
  • The town boasts a small public library, a museum, theatre, several small churches, a prison, a hospital, and a bank.
  • Iceland boasts of a great variety of birds; in fact, they form an attraction to many English sportsmen to visit the Island.
  • Tho had he done us the favour to discover but one of all those he boasts so much of, it would perhaps have been the most effectual way to raise our expectation of the rest.
  • He trembled at the slightest whispers of freedom, for royalty dreads independence, and the idle boasts of Giles Peram startled him.
  • If by any chance the men did not see him and the car passed him on its seaward way his errand would be unaccomplished, his boasts vain and the humiliation of his friends certain.
  • The same inscription which reveals the romance of his youth, recounts the successes of his manhood, and boasts of the uniformly victorious issue of his warlike exploits.

Definition of Boasts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of boast | plural of boast
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