Bobbing in a sentence

Definition of Bobbing

present participle of bob | The motion of something that bobs.

Short Example Sentence for Bobbing

  • 1. He edged toward the sunbonnets bobbing over the pail.
  • 2. And what are those funny, bobbing things in the water?
  • 3. Six tow heads bobbing about a pen in the big barn.
  • 4. Suddenly over the bobbing heads they saw the face they sought.
  • 5. Her eyes were watching a green light bobbing up and down in the distance.
  • 6. The line was continually bobbing and the nibbles were distinct and gratifying.
  • 7. He crunched away down the path, his lantern bobbing as he went.
  • 8. There was her red cap bobbing on the water, what new trick was she up to now?
  • 9. It turned, and when he came up again it was bobbing five feet ahead of him.
  • 10. A bobbing light appeared on the edge, and a faint halloa reached her.
  • 11. In spite of warnings--veal keeps bobbing up!

How to use Bobbing in a Sentence?

  • 1. I was making a last futile effort to strike out, when something came bobbing up against me.
  • 2. Greer nodded toward a small head and shoulders bobbing behind a little white buoy.
  • 3. It proceeded from the fellow thirty feet away, bobbing up and down on the empty box.
  • 4. Just now her mind and gaze were fixed mainly upon the round, bobbing objects ahead.
  • 5. She trotted away with small bobbing steps, to plump into an armchair and smile and sigh.
  • 6. He saw her coming a long way off, her lantern bobbing along like a firefly, and walked faster.
  • 7. He had sat in the bobbing boat while Sicinnus had been above with the Persian chiefs.
  • 8. The moon was hidden just now, but even so Charlie could see the bobbing figures at the hilltop.
  • 9. In a few minutes one of the boats was already bobbing on the water and the cook in his white cap was in it.
  • 10. And then came spelling, when there was always much bobbing up and down and changing of places and tears.
  • 11. It skimmed like a bird, all but the quick bobbing up and down that made me sure there was a galloping pony under it.
  • 12. Let his love die a natural death, and then there will be no danger of its ghost ever bobbing up to frighten me.
  • 13. The tide coming in the next morning brought with it on the blue surface of the waves two bobbing lemons.
  • 14. He kept bobbing his head in an anxious effort to locate any determined insect that still hovered near by.
  • 15. The officer of the watch afterwards told me that he had seen his head bobbing up and down amidst the water, of which there were tons on the poop.
  • 16. But at school head and foot meant little girls bobbing up and down, descending and ascending the scale of excellency.
  • 17. Though there were no excursionists on the shore that day, the girls noticed a small boat bobbing about near the point of the cliffs.
  • 18. The much-buffeted steamer lay bobbing and springing at its moorings, while a dingy oil-lamp marked the gangway.
  • 19. Some figures were running up the track, for they could see a lantern bobbing up and down, and soon the voices were quite close.
  • 20. A moment more and a few drifting spars, a few bobbing heads, were all that was left of the Phoenician.
  • 21. They had just launched the Peterboro at the tail of the rapids, when they saw something black bobbing in the swirling water.
  • 22. There was a splash, a shower of silvery spray, a few bubbles, and two heads were bobbing about like floating corks.
  • 23. As we approached, I was startled at seeing a number of large serpent-like heads bobbing above the surface.
  • 24. While it came bobbing over the water, Malone bawled his men together and briefly explained his transfer of authority.
  • 25. A moment, and he made out the bobbing figure of the leading postboy, and, drawing his pistol, cried to him to stop.
  • 26. As he played, too, he kept twitching about with a thousand queer contortions; nodding his head and bobbing about his tasselled night-cap.
  • 27. The glimmer of a light came bobbing up from somewhere behind Truxton; he could see the flickering shadows on the wall.
  • 28. Mr. Titmouse bobbing about, now at one window, then at the other, with his hat off, in the most gracious manner.
  • 29. He was beginning to grow weary at the sight of Warrington, bobbing up here, bobbing up there, always with a subtle menace.