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  • The bobby strolled nearer.
  • Prince Bobby flushed.
  • I ought to have had Bobby with me.
  • Prince Bobby was still unappeased.
  • So Bobby spoke aloud.
  • But Bobby thought otherwise.
  • True and Bobby felt very forlorn.
  • And then it was that Bobby burst into tears.
  • True and Bobby followed her delightedly.
  • True and Bobby obeyed instantly.
  • But Bobby was an experienced hider.
  • But Bobby had a surprise in store for them all.
  • Mrs. Bobby disappeared.
  • Crystal rose and turned to Bobby with a smile.
  • How often had Bobby rehearsed this scene to himself!
  • Mrs. Bobby was most complacent over the name.
  • And when Bobby was born it got worse.
  • And Bobby nodded emphatically to such a statement.
  • A look from Bobby was sufficient reply to this.
  • It was clear that Bobby was quite unsuspicious.
  • But it was Bobby who put the ball into play first.
  • One morning Bobby had a letter brought him by the postman.
  • Lily exclaimed in answer to something Bobby said.
  • True pulled Bobby after her up a narrow gravel path.
  • True woke up, and she and Bobby were bundled out.
  • This awful tragedy brought Bobby to his senses.
  • He left Bobby looking after him with wistful eyes.
  • I think the bobby was last bought by Texel.
  • He dashed forward, Bobby after him.
  • For the first time Bobby began to feel angry with her.
  • Poor Bobby came as near to fainting as a boy ever does.
  • I looked at Bobby in surprise and then shook my head sadly.

How To Use Bobby In A Sentence?

  • Through the roar of distant cannonade, Bobby had slept.
  • She took her place on a rock near Bobby and made a cast.
  • Boy-like, Bobby did not think much of his clothes.
  • So Bobby went, revolving many things in his mind.
  • Git up, Bobby Trascom.

Definition of Bobby

(Scotland, slang) A penis. | (MLE) Cocaine. | A calf that is slaughtered in its first month, usually because it has no dam or because it is undersized or otherwise defective.
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