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  • This bodes some knavery.
  • But ever it bodes danger.
  • This bodes some strange eruption to our state.
  • And bodes a better course of things.
  • It bodes ill that my master should remain away.
  • Thy troubled look bodes some dark news.
  • In this movement there are signs of much that bodes ill.
  • The event is an omen that bodes ill for their fishery.
  • To dream of seeing fresh earth bodes misfortune.
  • The voice within thy soul bodes nothing?
  • No saying bodes men ill, that brings them gain.
  • Alas!" cried the queen, "this bodes no good.
  • And Turkey does not do something without a purpose that bodes ill to someone.
  • This exculpation bodes some fault, I'm sure.
  • Oh! say what cruel wrong Weighs on thy heart, maiden, what bodes thy song?

How To Use Bodes In A Sentence?

  • Another apparition in the firmament bodes war, famine, the advent of grievous pestilence.
  • Time alone can solve it; but one thing is certain-so far the experiment bodes ill for success.
  • Tis a long and sad story, and, worse than all one that bodes ill for the Empire.
  • He was wont to be sober enough; they said, God grant this bodes no ill luck to him!
  • He'll preach no more in the old meeting-house, nor sit over his bodes in the old manse.
  • But there is that in their manner which bodes ill for their masters if a crisis ever arises in Indo-China.
  • Abdullah goes through the list, makes careful inquiries about the prisoners, some are released and others passed over in silence, a sign which bodes them no good.
  • You may imagine that he does not mind it, that his mind will be diverted; but the argument ended, there may be noticed a flush on the cheek and a rapidity of breathing that bodes ill.
  • None of these things bodes aught to myself, but either to this poor body or this wretched property of mine, or to my good repute, or to my children, or to my wife.

Definition of Bodes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bode | plural of bode
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