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  • Do not stop taking bodily exercise.
  • It is the bodily symbol of identity of nature.
  • Every moment I expected to see the house fall bodily over.
  • Wonders of Bodily Strength and Skill.
  • They took the grates out bodily to see what was behind them.
  • And all the time he had an abiding consciousness of her bodily presence.
  • Hooker became angry and threatened to take it by bodily force.
  • Suffering was visible in his eyes, this time not bodily suffering.
  • I crammed into the next hour an astonishing amount of bodily activity.
  • This does not apply only to your bodily clock, but to your mental one as well.
  • All that changes is the bodily form of the Divine manifestation.
  • Well, we're here, warmed and fed and in much better trim bodily and mentally.

How To Use Bodily In A Sentence?

  • And in the case of the body are there not two arts which have to do with the two bodily states?
  • It had toppled bodily upon her head, and she was stunned by the completeness of the ruin.
  • They needed no greater incentive to put forth the best efforts of bodily and mental energies.
  • But bodily reprisal, though he erected it into a practice, proved no deterrent.
  • So fixed is this habit that his art, truly, is independent of his bodily state.
  • She was tired, bodily and mentally, and her pretty face looked drawn under its tanning.
  • And suddenly Hicks jerked up his knees and heaved himself bodily aside with a scream of fear.
  • Sensibility in general is the healthy fellowship of the individual mind in the life of its bodily part.
  • The light was ebbing slowly out of the rotunda and to my bodily eyes she was beginning to grow shadowy.
  • Thus extreme bodily fatigue and utter prostration after long illness are apt to cause hallucinations.
  • He should also have bodily activity and strength, unattainable by our sedentary life in public offices.
  • The glory of this institution was not in its architecture or lands, but in that part which could not be seen by the bodily eyes.
  • It is the man who is often called upon to undermine his bodily vigour by earning his bread at unhealthy occupations.
  • It was eagerly seized by one weighing less than a quarter of a pound, which was lifted bodily into the boat.
  • Peace grew on her, through increasing self-condemnation, and bearing her up as the bodily powers failed more and more.
  • And since the soul is so dependent on the body and on its sensations, the spiritual operations are tempered by the bodily characteristics.
  • The sentinels slept like badgers; you might have carried off the whole camp bodily so far as they were concerned.
  • Anxiety is much worse to bear than any bodily hurt, and a man should protect a woman from it as he would save her from being tortured.
  • The whole scene came back to her mind as vividly as if she saw it in a picture before her bodily eyes; and the colour rose to her forehead.
  • Every bodily movement visible to the ordinary eye is only the obverse aspect of many molecular motions, not as yet visible to man.
  • He will still leave us, in so far as bodily pain and death are concerned, in the same rank with mere animals.
  • For a moment, all bodily functions are suspended, the activity of the brain ceases, and consciousness itself is lost as in a fit of fainting.
  • It, above all, makes us free and at one with our bodily part, so that henceforth we start as a subjective unit of body and soul.
  • The consequence is an explosion; the spirits vanish, and Faust receives an electric shock which paralyzes all his bodily functions.
  • What are the pains of Hell but ignorance, idleness, bodily lust, and the devastation of the things of the spirit?
  • The advantage of being able to remove the hook switch bodily from the other portions arises mainly in connection with the shipment or transportation of instruments.
  • In the shifting light of the street lamps he looked the picture of bodily misery with his chattering teeth and his whiskers blown back flat over his ears.
  • At three her Big Brother, yawning sleepily back in his nightclothes, picked her up bodily and dumped her into her bed.

Definition of Bodily

Of, relating to, or concerning the body. | Having a body or material form; physical; corporeal. | Real; actual; put into execution.
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