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How To Use Body In In A Sentence?

  • Negroes from the quarters were summoned and took the body in charge.
  • The decay of the physical body in old age is a consequence of this.
  • This is pumped by the heart all over the body, in a few seconds.
  • Ruth did not resent the use of her mind and body in this tale of adventure.
  • The aspect of his body in the water is less wonderful than he believes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Body In | Body In Sentence

  • The body in the garden.
  • A body in a suit of clothes.
  • She was wriggling her body in distress.
  • One body in one soul.
  • We will throw his body in the lake.
  • Lablache eased his great body in his chair.
  • The scroll is inferior to the body in merit.
  • Not long after he took the body in his arms.
  • They buried his body in quicklime this afternoon.
  • What should be done if there is a foreign body in the nose?
  • A glandular body in the throat or fauces.
  • We were taken in a body in upon the lower floor.
  • But it differs from the body in one important respect.
  • How frail seemed the body in the black dress!
  • They broke his body in pieces and made the world of them.
  • A shepherd found his body in a tarn at daybreak.
  • It stands to the body in the relation of form to matter.
  • Expand the entire body in a flexible, elastic manner.
  • It holds the body in the still, black ground.
  • I rocked like an old woman rocking her body in grief.
  • Her untidy clothes hung round her body in unlovely folds.
  • The first legislative body in America.
  • Any body in Portie could have told her that.
  • The Bricklayers were the best organized body in the city.
  • Then I stuffed his body in the sack and tied its top.
  • And when he threw the body in It floated, light as wool.
  • The body in the library, by Agatha Christie.
  • They laid her body in Templeastra Graveyard, near the sea.
  • The body in the garden, by Kelley Roos, pseud.
  • Between them they placed the body in the chair before the table.
  • She has probably more influence over him than any other body in the world.
  • Body in the female with the last joint lengthened and pointed.
  • Only once it happened that they came to talk again of the body in the wood.
  • We were marching out the plank-road as they brought this body in.
  • There is no longer a clergy as a powerful body in the state.
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