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  • Ten meristic characters and seventeen measurements of body-parts (the latter expressed as proportions of standard length) have been analyzed.
  • Careful experiments have shown that when one body parts with its energy the energy is not destroyed but is transferred to another body or system of bodies.
  • The idea of a God without "body, parts, or passions," is not more absurd or inconsistent than that modern popular doctrine, that all things were created from nonentity, or in other words, that something originated from nothing.
  • Likewise, Martin (1949) and Hart (1952) have shown that the proportions of some body-parts vary in response to temperature during early development.
  • There never has been a visible idol worshipped among men, which was so powerless as this "_God without body, parts, or passions_." The god of Egypt, the crocodile, could destroy.
  • The language runs thus--"_There is one only living and true God, without body, parts, or passions; consisting of three persons--the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost_." It is painful to the human mind to be compelled to admit, that such wonderful inconsistencies of language or ideas, have ever found place in any human creed.

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Definition of Body Parts

plural of body part
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