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  • Finally, I bogged down, and quit.
  • Almost everybody's bogged down.
  • But the paths were too narrow and their columns were bogged in the mud.
  • It is a stiff place, and I feel as though I were bogged up to the axle.
  • You're part human, anyhow, if you did get all bogged up in matrimony.

How To Use Bogged In A Sentence?

  • And when one bogged he blocked the trail till it was clear again; nor did the man live who crowded him at such time.
  • The waggon with the petroleum tins was hopelessly bogged miles away, and in the confusion no one had thought of lights.
  • Mechanical transport got bogged in the marshes, held up by bridges washed away, or mountain passes obstructed by sudden floods.
  • Once he fell into the brook at the stepping-stones, and once he was bogged in his middle in trying to gather water-lilies for the young Laird.
  • At a distance of about five miles we again had him bogged in crossing a small creek, after which he seemed so weak that we had great doubts about getting him on.
  • Much care had to be exercised to prevent the horses getting fairly bogged or breaking their legs, but all passed without an accident, though our condition at the end of the day was awful.

Definition of Bogged

Stuck; unable to progress; having been bogged down. | simple past tense and past participle of bog
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