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Definition of Bohemian

Unconventional, especially in habit or dress. | An unconventional or nonconformist artist or writer.

How To Use Bohemian In A Sentence?

  • The regular hours and confinement seemed doubly irksome after the bohemian life on the road.
  • I am something of a Bohemian myself, and shall be delighted to meet a kindred soul!
  • The Bohemian looked at the watchman with an astonished air, and hesitated to obey for a moment.
  • The Bohemian put his arm round her waist, she yielded, and their cheeks were touching.
  • Most travellers at least once in their lives go the round of Montmartre and its Bohemian shows.
  • Foremost of all his gallant chiefs, Rodolph carried death and terror into the Bohemian ranks.
  • We learn of them again, too, among the Bohemian brethren, the followers of Huss.
  • In 1813 he was called to Prague to direct the music of the German opera in that Bohemian capital.
  • He even went so far as to imagine that the Bohemian was an emissary of M. de Signerol.
  • The Bohemian spoke French quite purely, although he had something guttural in his Arabian accent.
  • What pleasure he takes in the Bohemian glasses and the transparent liquors that half fill them!
  • We emphasise the costliness of this instrument because it seemed very strange that a strolling Bohemian should be its possessor.
  • This was the opinion expressed by a Bohemian business man prominent in both local and national organizations.
  • One Bohemian family had to draw on their savings in the building and loan association during a year of unemployment.
  • The lustres of the chandelier are bright, and clusters of rubies leap in the bohemian glasses on the 'etagere'.
  • He wished to watch the manoeuvres of the suspicious chebec; the presence of the Bohemian constrained him.
  • Once during the conversation he attempted to make use of the Bohemian idiom, but he only excited the merriment of his auditors.
  • The ascension of the Bohemian was so rapid, and done so cleverly, that it excited the admiration of the guests.
  • He never spoke much about his Bohemian estates, though his step-brothers were much interested in them.
  • In one Bohemian family the grandmother took the two little boys to the playground and stayed with them as long as they stayed.
  • Notwithstanding the humility of his position, the Bohemian did not appear to be much intimidated in the presence of Reine.
  • The Bohemian had closed the medallion containing the portrait of Erebus, and had placed it on the table.
  • Set there in the midst of the town, after the Bohemian fashion, it opens at the back upon great gardens, as if it were in the midst of the country.
  • The joy of the Gregorics soon turned to bitterness, for they could not manage to find out where the Bohemian estates were.
  • The Bohemian continued without perceiving the emotion he had excited: "It was night.
  • The Bohemian continued: "The moon of my country shines as the sun of this country.
  • The Bohemian sang a romance of his country for us; it was pathetic, and I allowed myself to be affected by it.
  • Truyn has been enlightened by his political friends as to the state of Bohemian affairs, and Oswald has been cordially congratulated by every one.
  • The saddle-girths of the Suabian had given way, but the Bohemian fell, pierced by the spear of his antagonist.
  • The Prague public recognised in him a musician of fair talent, but he found but little encouragement to stay at the Bohemian capital.
  • For further particulars, see the Bohemian Girl, where a babe is changed by a nurse in order that the nurse may have change for it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bohemian | Bohemian Sentence

  • The bohemian glass on the 'etagere' is no longer there.
  • The Bohemian stood before him.
  • The Bohemian shrugged his shoulders.
  • There was nothing dissipated or Bohemian about him.
  • Night was approaching, and the Bohemian was still there.
  • Was the pathetic incident related by the Bohemian true?
  • In truth, it is famed for its good cheer and its bohemian independence.
  • It was the hour when the Sheridan is full of the upper Bohemian world.
  • That Under the Levity of Bohemian Life Is a Serious and Lofty Philosophy.

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