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How To Use Bold In A Sentence?

  • The scenery about it is less bold than that of some of the other lakes of this region.
  • Accordingly, this bold position is usually assumed by the advocates of necessity.
  • The bold and lawless character of this rebellious clan defies military discipline.
  • Grant was a bold rider, and he promptly offered himself to execute the dangerous mission.
  • She perceived that she made no progress in this way, and resolved to risk a bold stroke.
  • Meanwhile he was meditating a scheme which might be likened to the bold conception of Pontiac.
  • More to the actor than himself its safety, He would not be thus bold to give offense.
  • As a rule, however, we over-estimate the value of finish, and under-value bold art-effects.
  • My grandfather was a bold dragoon, for it's a profession, d'ye see, that has run in the family.
  • How great was this purpose I had relinquished, this bold and subtle remaking of the English will!
  • With a bold effort, I flung open my door, hurried down the stairs, and reached the hall.
  • Which, when it hath conceiv'd a bold resolve, 'Gainst every other voice doth close itself.
  • Alas, thought I, he doubtless in thy mien, Something unmaidenly or bold hath seen?
  • As stilly stole by a bold legion of horse, For Hale in the bush, for Hale in the bush.
  • Well, my grandfather, as I said, was a bold dragoon, and had served in the Low Countries.
  • The bold knights of the post have all dwindled down into lurking footpads and sneaking pick-pockets.
  • Once she had managed to shoot a particularly bold coyote, only to be overcome with remorse at seeing its death-struggle.
  • It is remarkable for bold imagination, wonderfully rapid action, and continued and absorbing interest.
  • Instead of bold tearing-down and rebuilding, there has been nibbling and tinkering, and even then, too late.
  • I know you well enough to know, that you will not like its propounder; but who else has been ripe and bold enough to do it?
  • The women no doubt to-day boast of the performance as a bold strike for freedom, and recall with pride the sensation it created.
  • They are found among the broken rocks where the shores are bold and bluff, or near the mouths of the cold brooks that come down from the hills.
  • The horse had been a favorite with him from his early childhood, and at the Academy he was distinguished as a bold and fearless rider.
  • These two years of petty humiliations had exasperated Eaton's bold and fiery temper.
  • I believe its so sometimes with a bull moose; and when the fit is on the animal forgets its timid nater, and is bold and fierce as a tiger.
  • A group of urchins, stationed at the door, distributed handbills to the curious, containing the same announcement in bold type.
  • The banks are mostly bold and bluff, the rocks standing up four or eight feet from the water, or broken and fallen like an ancient wall.
  • I think that one bold effort to right a wrong will more than wipe out the black score against him when the Book of Life is balanced.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bold | Bold Sentence

  • Finally he determined on a bold expedient.
  • Their wrath is at least of a bold and manly cast.
  • This bold enterprise, however, was fated to miscarry.
  • Text enclosed by equal signs is in bold face (=bold=).
  • We intimated our individual careers in terms of bold expectation.
  • It would be better for him to make a bold dash for safety now.
  • She alone is bold enough to force her way through this wild rocky labyrinth.
  • This is bold practice, and there are many failures to a good escape.
  • Frank saw a flying form leave the end of the long pier in a bold dive.
  • His face wore a sorrowful, yet bold and threatening expression.
  • Clay is susceptible of the highest art-finish, or of a bold sketchy treatment.
  • Why wasn't I bold and reckless and abandoned?

Definition of Bold

Courageous, daring. | Visually striking; conspicuous. | (typography, of typefaces) Having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface.
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