Boldest In A Sentence

Definition of Boldest

superlative form of bold: most bold

How To Use Boldest In A Sentence?

  • Even in its boldest dreams my agitated soul had not felt a trace of such a yearning.
  • The weakness of the timid increased, and the courage of the boldest was quelled.
  • The boldest man alive becomes uncertain and timid in the face of unfamiliar difficulties.
  • The alluvial flats were extremely small, and the boldest cliffs separated them from each other.
  • Even the boldest of them hesitated at the thought of fighting such a warrior as Hector.
  • Wyverne had held his own before this with the best and boldest of half the capitals in Europe.
  • Some apothecary, named Warren, held forth this year, and his seems the boldest tongue yet.
  • And some be Scot, but the worst, God wot, and the boldest thieves, be Yank!
  • An essential attribute of the boldest and most picturesque of that gentry was the quality of deceit and subterfuge and hypocrisy.
  • The boldest thing the accusers did was to cry out against the Governor's own beloved wife.
  • I found none near-by, and it occurred to me that the boldest highwayman would hardly drive up to the door for his booty.
  • In his desperation he took the boldest course, and made a more aggressive speech by far than any he had rehearsed for the occasion, and forgotten.
  • Whoever travels in our backwoods, will often come across scenes and interiors such as the boldest romance writer would never dare to invent.
  • As the guests arrived in rapid succession, the plebs pressed more and more forward, until at last some of the boldest stood within the threshold.
  • I'm grateful, but it's mighty trying to lie here helpless while another man plays out my last and boldest game for me.
  • The above constitute some of the boldest and best of the great alterations recently effected in our English system of real property law.
  • It was a most egregious case of misleading the public, perhaps the boldest that I have ever known in my life.
  • It was an ovation as enthusiastic as Schmitz had never aspired to in his boldest moments, and his natural vanity felt intensely gratified.
  • As to any liberty of opinion or real freedom here, the boldest Southerner would not dare to say a shadow of either exists.
  • At one time two or three regiments were sent in pursuit of him; and then it was he undertook the last and boldest step of coming to Rome itself.
  • The best and boldest spirit there was our friend Alfred Light, doing his work manfully and well.
  • Avery, planning with the boldest and most turbulent of the crew, plotted to run away with the vessels, and turn pirates on the Indian coasts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Boldest | Boldest Sentence

  • O thou boldest of bad men!
  • This is enough to alarm the boldest reader.
  • But the boldest project of all remains to be mentioned.
  • And the boldest held his breath For a time.
  • The boldest or the luckiest might reach the French lines.
  • This is the boldest act of cowardise I ever heard of.
  • And the boldest held his breath, For a time.
  • The boldest of them did not clap her on the shoulder but once.
  • It was adapted and arranged with the boldest of alterations and makeshifts.
  • I agree with him that we should at once take the boldest possible attitude.
  • William promptly landed the boldest among the bishops in jail.
  • He engaged in the boldest operations, risking all to obtain all.
  • With the sense of guilt, came the fear before which the boldest spirit fails.
  • And the finger tips, And the kiss that the boldest snatches.
  • The Eskimos came out in their kayaks, and the boldest climbed aboard the ship.
  • The doctrine of that discourse was "Sensationalism" in its boldest aspect.
  • But it is a moment when the boldest charger's heart beats quick.
  • To know what is going on here," replied the boldest of the invaders.

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