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  • Hastings determined to bombard Vasiladhi a second time.
  • I don't suppose we mean to bombard the town.
  • If so be that he intends in truth to bombard us, let him begin forthwith.
  • She did not see any reason why Brad should bombard him with questions.
  • French bombard the southern front of the intrenched camp of Metz.
  • March 12--German airmen bombard Ossowetz.
  • Et Mme Bombard accepta avec confiance le tresor qu'on lui presentait.
  • March 4--French bombard German powder magazine at Rottweil.

How To Use Bombard In A Sentence?

  • From this point he began to bombard the tower at the southern corner of the town.
  • It was the plan of the new besiegers to bombard this gate, tearing it to pieces with shot.
  • I sleep upstairs, they never bombard except at three in the morning or nine at night.
  • The orders of the cavalry were to reconnoitre Omdurman; of the gunboats to bombard it.
  • The Russians pushed through the outer line of defences and began to bombard the inner forts.
  • It was very, very wicked of the Germans to bombard the houses of the Belgians.
  • The Germans continued to bombard Ypres with large calibre shells, heaping ruins upon ruins.
  • I am confident that Count Marlanx will not bombard the Castle except as a last resort.
  • Should the French bombard Hamburg to-day they would destroy the property of Frenchmen.
  • Events had moved rapidly since the primitive days when she was content to bombard her detractors with slippers and garter buckles.
  • You may see something, though they don't bombard at night as often as they do by day.
  • He gazed about him with absorbed interest, and he began to bombard the guide with questions in genuine boy fashion.
  • And, actually, that ruffianly +knecht+ was about to bombard the group with whatever he had in his hand!
  • Thus all the German had to do in this case was to keep away at a safe distance and bombard the merchantman.
  • Next day he went ashore to open negotiations, while at the same time he brought bomb vessels into position to bombard the city.
  • They had changed their tactics now, and instead of making wild rushes towards the ramparts, they commenced to bombard the fort with large stones.
  • This vessel was now waiting until the Turks should require her to bombard some seaport in the possession of the Greeks.
  • Across the bright sky came a whirring hum, the sound of the motors of aeroplanes on the way to bombard the railroad station at Metz.
  • However, at about three p.m., he chose the less heroic plan of ordering the castle and the Neapolitan fleet to bombard the city.
  • The troops were ordered to attack the building on the land side, and Hastings entered the Piraeus to bombard it from the sea.
  • Man and Nature don't bombard each other, but agree; they don't compete, race one against the other, but go together.
  • There was a universal feeling of thankfulness that we had not been obliged to bombard the place, as the slaughter among this defenceless crowd of people would have been terrible.
  • The chance to see some of the war came the next day, when they were ordered to bombard one of the forts to the north of Port Arthur proper.
  • All that could be done was to get up every available gun and bombard the hill during the night in order to hamper the enemy in his preparations for further forward movement and in his entrenching operations.
  • Rose to surface near Dohan Asian Buoy to bombard troops, but they scattered before fire was opened.
  • Blustering facts that bludgeon and bombard the senses, often provoke us, by the very violence of their self-announcement, to suspect them as illusory.
  • BOMBARD Bombard Simon Bombard la trouvait souvent mauvaise, la vie!

Definition of Bombard

To attack something with bombs, artillery shells or other missiles or projectiles. | (figuratively) To attack something or someone by directing objects at them. | (physics) To direct at a substance an intense stream of high-energy particles, usually sub-atomic or made of at most a few atoms.
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