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  • Despite the bombast of his tone, there was something in his sigh that struck her as genuine.
  • The youth prefers wit to sentiment, bombast to sense, Lucan to Virgil, the French to the ancients.
  • It is the bombast and the futile rules of the Asianic creed against which he flings his unsparing scazons.
  • This gifted and prolific creator, whose work was affected by the war, has frequently lapsed into bombast and a journalistic imperialism.
  • Now, seigneur, where's that bombast look, and fustian face, your countship wore just now?
  • I say this in full sincerity, though I remember some of the youthful bombast not altogether without affection.
  • The boy Schiller was extravagant; but the man admits no bombast in his style, no inflation in his thoughts or actions.
  • In Chevy-Chase there is not much of either bombast or affectation; but there is chill and lifeless imbecility.
  • The evasions and bombast wherewith these citizens were accustomed to adorn their public addresses before vice commission inquiries were strangely lacking.
  • His martial and political ballads are free from bombast and affectation, and often have an arch simplicity in their manner that renders them very poignant and striking.
  • Does it hurt your politics, if you can lose enough of the partisan's conceit or the jingo's bombast to sympathize with the other parties or the other nations?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bombast | Bombast Sentence

  • Tennyson's "Light Brigade" seems bombast and gallery play after July 1st.

Definition of Bombast

Big without meaning, or high-sounding; bombastic, inflated; magniloquent. | To swell or fill out; to inflate, to pad. | To use high-sounding words; to speak or write in a pompous or ostentatious manner.
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