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How To Use Boneless In A Sentence?

  • Apart from orthodoxy, Theism is a boneless skeleton; the various mythologies give it alike flesh and bone, otherwise coherence it hath none.
  • The flank steak is a choice piece of lean, boneless meat that lies close to the ribs and weighs from one and three-quarters to two and one-half pounds.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Boneless | Boneless Sentence

  • With boneless tentacles instead of limbs.
  • Our beloved, boneless boy!
  • Purchase a boiled boneless ham and place in baking pan.
  • Soak the boneless fish overnight and then parboil for twenty minutes.

Definition of Boneless

Without bones, especially as pertaining to meat or poultry prepared for eating. | (chiefly Britain, figuratively) Lacking strength, courage, or resolve; spineless.
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