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  • You bonniest bit of the spring.
  • The bonniest bairn in a' the warl' Ye ken whaur the ferlie lives?
  • But the bonniest face amang them a', Was hauding Lord John's horse.
  • But the bonniest face that was there, Was waiting on them a'.

How To Use Bonniest In A Sentence?

  • She could not be as good as she was bonny, for she was the bonniest lass that ever drew breath.
  • He thought that of all the girls he had seen about town, or about the country either, she was the bonniest and the brightest and the most clever.
  • Mary Cadwal and Beatrix were as tenderest nursing mother and bonniest soeur de lait to me the whole day long.

Definition of Bonniest

superlative form of bonny: most bonny
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