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  • Where is the book out of which you read?
  • It is a book out of the ordinary in every way.
  • I saw you carry the book out of the room myself!
  • We can take a book out on the beach and sit on the rocks.
  • I am going to copy the book out and send it back.
  • I got that book out of the library," he said.
  • And he drew a small book out of Elsie's portmanteau.
  • As the men sat smoking round the fire Forder pulled a book out from his pouch.

How To Use Book Out In A Sentence?

  • And he came, and took the book out of the hand of him that sat upon the throne.
  • She also pulled another book out which fell open on the floor, shedding rose-leaves and tinsel.
  • And seizing Justin by the collar of his blouse, he shook a book out of his pocket.
  • I believe I could read the title of a book out in the open if the print were large and clear.
  • As He comes forward He reaches and takes the book out of the hand of the One on the throne.
  • We have made a Book out of his Letters and Poems, and published it by subscription . . .
  • From this account it was plain, that Ludlow had returned for no other purpose but to remove this book out of my reach.
  • A writer who was as good a writer as he was a soldier if he had had the same experience could have made a book out of it; but then he could not have been a man of action at the same time.
  • One of the attendants upon the ambassador made a small book out of his travels, which did not get printed till 1669, when it attracted little notice.
  • Dreamily, Honora slipped on the new dressing-gown Aunt Mary had made for her, and took a book out of the bookcase.
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