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  • Bench Books of Hull, 223.
  • The Books of Kings are of a wholly different fabric.
  • A continuation of the old year books of the Dutch Republic.
  • In the old Books of Beauty one could make a choice.
  • See Text Books of Technology.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Books Of | Books Of Sentence

  • As the books of heretics.
  • One of the most remarkable books of the decade.
  • Of books of high renown.
  • Heavy thoughts and books of devotion?
  • He was greater than all books of tactics.
  • There are few books of which we could say the same.
  • Who cares for the books of the year?
  • And what are the great books of the world?
  • Chloe proposed books of poetry.
  • In the open books of death.
  • He wrote ten books of importance.
  • As a name it has disappeared from the books of geography.
  • They carried as well their books of flies.
  • The books of the company told him but little more.
  • Books of travel fitted the prevailing taste.
  • Books of account were opened upon the new system.
  • How many elaborate poems or books of travel?
  • It is not one of the best books of this astounding woman.
  • Those paper books of yours are so up-to-date.
  • Books of the Backwoods.
  • They too appeal to their books of Jasher.
  • Then the books of Luther may be condemned.
  • He began the catalogue of printed books of the Museum.
  • The sermon finished, we took up our hymn-books, of course.
  • Those books of martyrs to the rage for rhyme Alas!
  • It meant that I could buy some more books of poetry.
  • I had about three hundred books of my own, but no Bible.
  • The sacred books of Babylonia thus fall into three classes.
  • Of all the opera-books of MM.
  • Stories from the first nine books of the Old Testament.
  • The subject occurs sometimes in Books of Hours.
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