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  • The bookseller chuckled to himself.
  • A bookseller accompanied us.
  • The bookseller put his finger to his nose and chuckled.
  • The bookseller will not buy, the public will not read.
  • He was a bookseller in London at that time.
  • He became an apprentice to a bookseller in Edinburgh.
  • Schwann, a bookseller at Mannheim, alluded to above.
  • Nicol, George, the bookseller and hunter, 165.
  • The bookseller can obtain it from the publishers on this condition.
  • As well blame the bookseller for not sending the book you had not ordered.
  • In a few minutes the door opened, and the bookseller entered.
  • This makes the business of Carlisle the bookseller of great amount in my mind.
  • Why not select just as well Bookseller Pascha, or Hennechen the steam agent?
  • W. N. WRIGHT, bookseller to the Queen, 60.
  • London: Printed for John Barksdale, Bookseller in Cirencester.
  • Rickman was a bookseller engaged in circulating Paine's works.

How To Use Bookseller In A Sentence?

  • They did more; they commenced a process against the bookseller in the ecclesiastical court.
  • Any of the following titles can be bought of your bookseller at 50 cents per volume.
  • The little bookseller in dismay looked from one to the other, but held his peace.
  • He was a bookseller and printer in Leicester, where he also edited a radical newspaper.
  • Why a writer changed his bookseller a hundred years ago, I am far from hoping to discover.
  • The bookseller looked up at the bust of William Morris on his poetry shelves and winked.
  • I hope not to wait to read them till they reach me, as there is a bookseller here who will be sure to have them.
  • The rich finds of which the aged bookseller dreams are bargains only in the light of present-day prices.
  • The bookseller was never weary of showing me about his native town, of which he was enthusiastically fond.
  • And in that past before he became a second-hand bookseller and a secret pawnbroker might be found the motive for the crime.
  • The decayed bookseller assented by the careless, tragic gesture of a man already doomed to extinction.
  • The bookseller was moved: he took a huge pinch of snuff out of his waistcoat pocket, and mused a moment.
  • But in return for these restrictions, the bookseller was admitted to the rights and privileges of the University.
  • The bookseller showed himself a well-informed and affable man, and a local antiquary, to whom a party of inquisitive strangers were a godsend.
  • I cooled down in my pride and my expectations, and reduced my terms with the next bookseller to whom I applied.
  • We got on to the subject of circulations, and he said that he had just been asking the biggest bookseller in London what novel sold best.
  • Any of the following titles can be bought of your bookseller at the price you paid for this volume Anna the Adventuress.
  • The whole of the numbers are now in print, and can be procured by giving an order to any Bookseller or Newsvender.
  • The bookseller Nicolai entertained his phantom-guests, and was much amused, at times, by their conversation.
  • Their bookseller sent them magazines and boxes of books, their home was comfortable, and life moved on smoothly, like a door on well-oiled hinges.
  • Any of the following titles can be bought of your bookseller at the price you paid for this volume Alternative, The.
  • He was a bookseller on Fleet Street, and his shop was a general rendezvous for the literary men of his time.
  • If an American bookseller will send over any of your books to his correspondents here, I shall be happy to receive and pay for them.
  • He came back, lighted his candle, and resolutely drew forth the "Chatterton" which the bookseller had lent him.

Definition of Bookseller

A person engaged in the business of selling books. | A business that sells books.
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