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  • Santiago has not a single bookstore within its limits.
  • Clerk in bookstore in Buffalo, N.Y.

How To Use Bookstore In A Sentence?

  • The next day Philon eagerly hastened to a bookstore dealing in antique editions.
  • Dick and Greg left the bookstore and started on the rounds to hunt up the best remembered of their old schoolmates.
  • Also, the book was so thin that one would not be likely to catch sight of it standing among other volumes in a row on a bookstore shelf.
  • Any reader of this preface, for example, ridiculous though it appears, could walk into a bookstore and buy both of these books for seven shillings.
  • Ten minutes ago I was passing that bookstore again, and I stepped in and fetched away another copy of that book.
  • From there we went to a German bookstore and bought some German books for Clara's birthday.
  • The bookstore in town where sporting goods were kept did a land-office business during those days, and had to duplicate their orders to wholesalers frequently.
  • Mrs. Davidson went out of the bookstore conducted by Dick's parents in the little city of Gridley.
  • Mr. Christern has been for several years the superintendant of the extensive bookstore of Kaisar, the eminent bibliographist in Berlin.
  • Just after Mrs. Davidson left the bookstore there were no customers left, so Dick had a few moments in which to chat with his mother.

Definition of Bookstore

A store where books are bought and sold.
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