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  • The cannons were booming now in the foothills.
  • Orren was angered and spoke in a booming voice.
  • At midnight a booming report startled them.
  • Next came a dull booming and banging.
  • The distant booming of the guns still came.
  • The roar of traffic turned into booming of the sea.
  • A booming twang was heard accompanied by a whistle.
  • Far, far away sounded the booming of cannon.
  • You ought to see how things are booming at Whoppington.
  • Mr. Kean suddenly joined in with a deep, booming bass.
  • Even now you can hear the booming of the great guns without.
  • A little before noon the distant booming of the cannon was heard no longer.
  • The deep booming note of the distant cannon entered the cave.
  • He wiped them simply with the back of his hand and went on booming faintly.
  • The temple bells were booming the hour watch in solemn unison.
  • The booming of the surf upon an outlying ledge grew ever clearer.
  • In sonorous, booming tones, somewhat muffled by his respirator.
  • And the bittern sound his drum, Booming from the sedgy shallow.
  • And all day long the booming bells Have rung their peals of joy.
  • The booming of the organ through the empty church rouses, one, I think.
  • By God!" he cried in that deep booming voice of his, "there spoke a traitor!

How To Use Booming In A Sentence?

  • But the air was full of the booming of heavy guns and the rising eerie shriek of the shrapnel.
  • A booming at the gate, followed by querulous shouts, aroused him from his lethargy.
  • The click of the billiard ball, and the booming of the ten-pin alley, are distinctly heard.
  • A low booming sound was heard, an artillery duel, it continued the greater part of the day.
  • And its booming notes descended to subsonic throbbings that gripped and wrung the nerves to anguish.
  • For miles to the right and left the woods were crackling with musketry, interspersed with the booming of fieldpieces.
  • How much more pleasant is the sound of the woodman's axe, than that of the booming cannon!
  • Guns booming in the distance, sounds like heavy portmanteaux being dropped on the roof at regular intervals.
  • And as he turned a yell of derisive triumph from two hundred throats went booming and thundering out across the desert.
  • The booming basses and baritones of the big fellows made him shiver with a curious bitter-sweet sensation never experienced before.
  • The booming basses and baritones of the big fellows made him shiver with a curious bitter-sweet sensation never experienced before.
  • I stopped and listened intently for the booming of guns and other noises of conflict in the valley below, but no sound assailed my ears.
  • As he slowly recovered, a real booming disassociated itself from the noises in his head; and he eagerly raised his head.
  • Reaching his door during a brief lull in the wind, he heard faintly but distinctly the booming of guns fired by a ship in distress.
  • Before the echo died away among the hills another booming report would seem to shiver the atmosphere and set all our tinware jangling.
  • The comrades ate supper to the slow booming of great guns, where the advanced cannon of either side engaged in desultory duel.
  • The party had walked possibly five miles, when, from behind, they heard the sudden booming of a great gun.
  • The first days of August brought the booming of the cannon to our ears, messengers of the grim reality of war.
  • Always about them roared the great guns like the last booming of a judgment day, and under that noise the moaning chorus of the French mothers.

Definition of Booming

Experiencing a period of prosperity, or rapid economic growth. | Loud and resonant. | present participle of boom
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