Bored In A Sentence

How To Use Bored In A Sentence?

  • After cooling, a few small holes were bored through the seal to let gases escape.
  • If he was bored by Montaigne, it was because he had little introspective curiosity.
  • Adventure ran riot, and straight love-making chapters made her sleepy, they bored her so.
  • But I was bored to death; the weather continued impossible; and I resolved to be amiable.
  • Somewhere in a shed a calf was bawling in bored lonesomeness away from its mother feeding down the pasture.
  • Society bored him to the verge of extinction, but it is only fair to say that he repaid the debt with interest.
  • It soon became manifest that my opening and my general spaciousness of method bored my audiences a good deal.
  • That evening he had been interested in what she said; she had been frank and candid, telling him freely about herself and it had not bored him.
  • A stool may consist of a thick piece of wood and of three legs inserted into holes bored in this thick top.
  • It did not console her as it did her husband to reflect that they probably bored the Italians as much in their turn.
  • He had a number of relatives in high places, who bored him, and were always trying to get him married.
  • No, serious contemplation of her surroundings would have certainly bored her, had it been possible to shadow her sunny nature.
  • She had courage and initiative and a philosophical way of handling questions, and she could be bored by regular work like a man.
  • His hard gray eyes bored into her like a brace of gimlets, and in return for all her talk he axed but one question.
  • But it was a bored garden I stepped into just as the last purple flush of day was being drunk down by the night.
  • My luggage was almost smothered by the time we got there, however, despite the air-holes we had bored in the trunk.
  • Perhaps she was bored by drinking tea and reading a book all alone; at any rate, she tossed the book on to a sofa with a gesture of relief.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bored | Bored Sentence

  • Inactivity bored her.
  • I am bored to death with it.
  • He confessed that the concert bored him.
  • So all the time we were bored for something to do.
  • I was literally bored to death.
  • He may have begun to be bored with the subject.
  • No runaway horse ever bored them.
  • Most people get bored in their own company.
  • I was bored to death, as you can imagine.
  • He was quickly bored with himself; he was no egotist.
  • As he bored in for the third time Sheen slipped him.
  • I'm bored with all this talking.
  • It isn't right to be so bored with life.
  • The law lectures bored him and he soon ceased to attend them.
  • They bored a hole in it with a gimlet, and sucked the rum out through a straw.
  • Jack, you ought to have a hole bored into your head to let in a little light.
  • I'm bored to tears with the Empire.
  • The result was that before the evening I felt very bored indeed.
  • His eyes bored into Joe's face.
  • Father, I'm too bored here.
  • Come now, I'm bored to death.
  • I am afraid I have already bored you with much too long a letter.
  • His eyes became two staring questions that bored into the soul of Jean.

Definition of Bored

suffering from boredom; to have nothing to do | uninterested, without attention | perforated by a hole or holes (through bioerosion or other)
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