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  • Mr Borges in his reply offered practical solutions which he himself had tried out successfully.
  • Francis Borges is a college lecturer but is better known for his experience and knowledge of plants.
  • At eleven o'clock there was an announcement that there would be a talk given by Mr Francis Borges, the topic being `Organic Farming'.
  • O viuvo Ruy Borges passou logo a segundas nupcias como quem procura em outra mulher
  • Apossado iniquamente dos senhorios de Carvalhaes, Ilhavo e Verdemilho, Ruy Borges, filho de Antonia de Berredo,
  • Miguel Braganza (an agricultural officer of the Government who at that time was posted to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Old Goa) and Francis Borges (the same person who gave the talk on organic farming at the Saligao Plant Exhibition) were also there along with several other village boys and girls all helping in various ways to set up the show which was to begin the next morning.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Borges | Borges Sentence

  • Borges de Castro (tom. 7, pag. 221).
  • Berredos e os parentes de Ruy Borges de Miranda.
  • Joaquim Nunes e Manuel Borges Grainha.
  • , talvez antes de ser requestada por Borges de Miranda.
  • alo Borges, criado do pa
  • alo Borges curveteava o seu cavallo entre
  • i de Ruy Borges recorresse directa
  • o Borges
  • alo Borges
  • , Vogal.--_Manuel Borges
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