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  • The game was boring me.
  • There is nothing so boring as the gratitude that will out.
  • They seemed to be boring into her brain.
  • A minute ago and they were boring each other over dogs.
  • It is boring enough to write idyls.
  • Is Berlin boring you already?
  • Lar Tantril stared at the hard gray eyes boring into his.
  • It's as if a gimlet were boring me.
  • Now something like its stern truth was boring into her consciousness.
  • How vulgar and how boring all this is, isn't it?
  • Then his boring gaze traveled over her, from her canvas-shoes to her helmet.
  • Am I boring you, Sir Thomas, and Mr. Williams?
  • Edwin G. Boring (A); 19Apr60; R255794.
  • It is a sealing steamer, boring out of the pack," said Regnar.
  • Here we are, living all alone together, and I'm not boring myself a bit.
  • I could fairly feel Aunt Adeline's eyes boring into my back.

How To Use Boring In A Sentence?

  • Morning found me restored to vigour, but still with the maggot of curiosity boring in my brain.
  • It was managed eventually by boring separate wells for a weight behind the hinges on either side.
  • By boring into twigs bearing fruit, the branches break and the fruit goes with them.
  • The man who makes a fortune is the man who invents a new way of boring them....
  • Adminicula: supports or props: the spinous processes on the abdomen of boring and burrowing pupae.
  • It just delicately shaves the line between stimulating you to thought and boring you because it does not stimulate.
  • It must have been pretty boring for him to go to banquet after banquet, and listen to all those speeches praising him.
  • He was a brave young man, but there was danger of an active kind in the blue eyes boring into his own.
  • By boring downward at an angle, they had intercepted the inner passageways that led to the buried king and his treasure.
  • Above all, beware of boring your readers by too exhaustive explanation of details or of aspects of the case which they care nothing about.
  • One of the most interesting fire-actions on the trunk is the boring of those great tunnel-like hollows through which horsemen may gallop.
  • Centre Screw Cutting, Surfacing and Boring Lathe here shewn, with counter shaft for power.
  • The whole barrel is then worked with borers of gradually increasing size, and in three days the boring is finished.
  • After a boring ten or fifteen minutes we were returning by the way we had come, when a sheet of paper blew along the deck.
  • Helcodermatus: a surface with ulcer-like depressions: applied also to the boring or tearing spines of pupae.
  • Large sums are spent in boring operations, and success so often stands off that all available capital is sunk in the ground and swallowed up.
  • On the other hand, people with whom you become friendly at once usually end by boring you unto death by the end of the first fortnight.
  • And when the great extensions are complete, and the boring and wire-winding machines are in working order, we can go merrily on.
  • The boring tool being pressed against the cannon thus revolving, a deep hole is made in it, called the bore.
  • He lay there, day after day, conscious of nothing but the stabbing of a red-hot iron boring through his chest and cutting off his breathing.
  • It looked boring to me, but I could believe that we'd have to tear her away when the time came.
  • There was still work, mostly boring lateral shafts for echo shots, going on at the butte, under the relay station.
  • When an old bachelor goes on boring you with hunting stories, when you're burning to be introduced to somebody, he's from our bureau.
  • Now, having presumably, gone about, she was standing out toward the Nore, boring doggedly into the wind.

Definition of Boring

Causing boredom; unable to engage or hold the interest. | present participle of bore | A pit or hole which has been bored.
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