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  • No one seems to be born with it.
  • Jolly was a natural born trader.
  • He was born on the sunny side of the street.
  • There seemed to be some new spirit born within her.
  • Papa was born in Missouri.
  • I was born at Naples.
  • He was born calm, I was born excited.
  • William Thomas was born in Carmarthenshire, 1834.
  • John Ceiriog Hughes was born September 25, 1832.
  • William Williams was born at Denbigh February 6th, 1801.
  • Robert Owen was born near Barmouth March 30th, 1858.
  • Evan Jones was born near Dolgelley, September 20th, 1820.
  • Not all of the white people living around us were born in this country.
  • Owen Wyn Jones was born near Carnarvon, March 4th, 1828.
  • He is as civil and courteous as the Climate in which he was born is sharp.
  • He had the odd distinction of being born on the 29th of February, 1800.
  • John Davies was born at Cardigan in 1834, and died April 24, 1892.
  • John Blackwell (Alun), was born of very poor parents at Mold in 1797.
  • He lives in the Capitol, and must always be born out of ROME.
  • Orion Clemens was born in Jamestown, Fentress County, Tennessee, in 1825.

How To Use Born In A Sentence?

  • I am just a human being, born into the same world and warmed by the same sun as you.
  • A man who was born in a circus tent, and who still performed in public the tricks of a mountebank!
  • One of those born in Russia, and with the outlandish names of which the charwoman spoke.
  • Apparently, Susy was born with humane feelings for the animals, and compassion for their troubles.
  • I think my first mother-feeling for Germany was born that Sunday in pleasurable pain.
  • I was born at the little town of Frosinone, which lies at the skirts of the Abruzzi.
  • His elder brother, Edward, born 1798, died before him, as will be hereinafter shown.
  • Evan Evans was born at Trefriw in 1795, his father being, or having been, a shipwright.
  • I happened to be born on your estate, Sir Simon; and have obligations to some part of your family.
  • Where we were born or bred, it matters not, Who were our Parents, or have us begot.
  • William Thomas was born April 3, 1832, and very early showed signs of poetic talent.
  • The home was made in the wee village of Florida, in Monroe county, and I was born there in 1835.
  • John Jones was born at Newcastle Emlyn in 1818, and apprenticed to a watchmaker at Crickhowel.
  • I forgave the fellow in a moment all his crimes of having been born in wedlock and inheriting my estate.
  • Our first child, Langdon Clemens, was born the 7th of November, 1870, and lived twenty-two months.
  • If only he had been born without that dreadful sense of humour, she felt that she might have been able to tolerate him.
  • I seem born to be buffeted by friends and fortune, and nature has made me a careless endurer of buffetings.
  • You who are born in a more temperate climate and under a cooler sky, have little idea of the violence of passion in our southern bosoms.
  • Perfect truth, perfect honesty, perfect candor, were qualities of her character which were born with her.
  • I was born to very little property, but to great expectations; which is perhaps one of the most unlucky fortunes that a man can be born to.

Definition of Born

Having from birth (or as if from birth) a certain quality or character; innate; inherited. | (Geordie) Alternative spelling of burn (with fire etc.) | (Geordie) Alternative spelling of burn (a stream)
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