Borne In A Sentence

Definition of Borne

carried, supported. | past participle of bear

How To Use Borne In A Sentence?

  • She has borne three sons.
  • The body was borne out of the church.
  • She had borne more than this in order to do good.
  • His words were not borne out by his own actions.
  • Half fainting she was borne from the room.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Borne | Borne Sentence

  • How has he borne it all?
  • She had borne it all.
  • I should not have borne it as she did.
  • It was for her he had borne it.
  • She had borne up until now.
  • And what had they borne to him?
  • I could not have borne it all.
  • I could have borne up under it.
  • I could not have borne that.
  • I have borne all this too long.
  • He had been borne down by his troubles.
  • He could not have borne it.
  • We have borne it too long.
  • Murat has borne himself splendidly.
  • She was borne about in a litter.
  • The epithet is borne out by the fragments.
  • Probably he had borne too far inland.
  • Elisabeth had married and borne a son.
  • Had borne my breath away!
  • She could not have borne his touch.
  • And he had borne his manly part in it.
  • She could hardly have borne that.
  • She has borne children at his will and for his pleasure.
  • You have borne with me since we were children.
  • Liberius had not borne exile well.
  • Now is this conclusion borne out by what we behold?
  • Her appearance had borne out the declaration.
  • You have suffered and borne too much.
  • This view is not borne out by the facts.
  • And insult he had borne so long.
  • And because of this he would have borne tortures.
  • The police were borne down in the crush.
  • This was borne as long as possible.
  • A sound of panting was borne to him.
  • My wife has borne me a son.

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