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  • The bosun was properly valorous.
  • The bosun acknowledged the office with a lordly gesture.
  • During the journey, the bosun communicated his news.
  • Remember the bosun Joe Day?
  • The bosun was occupied at the moment with a nickel poker machine.
  • I have just time to get my coffee and relieve the bosun by midnight.
  • The bosun shifted his quid and spat over the rail into the racing sea.
  • My bosun has a tender heart, and he is a creature of impulse.
  • Ruth beat you to the corner, and informed the waiting bosun of the failure.
  • Then, while the Dauber counted, Bosun took Some marline from his pocket.
  • The Bosun turned: "I'll give you a thick ear!

How To Use Bosun In A Sentence?

  • Then the bosun had the rifle and was swinging it, clubbed, the center of a melee.
  • You should hear the bosun tell how you bowled over Carew, himself, with your empty gun!
  • So, while Ruth sought refuge in the automobile, the bosun lay in wait for you by the corner.
  • The bosun and I snugged down everything on board, and then I succumbed to my habit.
  • You see, before your conversation with the bosun in that little tavern we did not know where you were taking the envelope.
  • The gigantic figure of the bosun appeared around the forward corner of the house, and he was rushing aft.
  • The bosun paused at the poop break, snorted into his large red handkerchief, and pretended to inspect the drawing of the mainsail.
  • Why, the bosun and the boys must still be quiet in the hold, and Yip's plot was still a-borning.
  • By mid-afternoon, in a huge sea, with the wind after its last shift no more than a stiff breeze, the Tongan bosun sighted a schooner bottom up.
  • The bosun and I had stepped in to wet our whistles, and, looking out of the open door, I was astounded to perceive our truant cookie pass by.

Definition of Bosun

A warrant or petty officer on board a naval ship.
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