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  • Hickories with scaly bark are found in both groups.
  • Later on, both groups of officers were used for operations in distant theatres.
  • Or, were both groups local people?"

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  • But both groups of organizations are fast getting away from such infantile practices.
  • The analogy can, therefore, be extended to explain the results in both groups in the same way.
  • Both groups were given a small amount of green clover as long as it lasted, and afterward cabbage.
  • This character distinguishes both groups of animals from all Reptiles, recent and fossil.
  • But the consequences of failure to exercise hospitality at the beginning endure in lack of understanding on the part of both groups.
  • We have to consider both groups somewhat more in detail, as each again allows a large variety of cases.
  • And so the battle waged, until both groups were no more than fifty feet away from the mouth of the natural trench.
  • There were heroes among both groups and cowards among both groups, as there must be among any large number of men.
  • In both groups breeding males have large ventrolateral glands, but the two groups are easily separated by four characters.
  • At first glance the resemblances are not apparent, but a careful study renders it clear that the vessels proper correspond closely in both groups.
  • The individuals of both groups are less than 13 weeks old if we assume that growth proceeds at the same rate in Michigan as it does in Minnesota.
  • But more interesting than resemblances of that kind is the similarity that may be traced in the way in which air is introduced into cavities in the bones in both groups.
  • Musing over the delightful future he had laid out, he made himself comfortable in the sofa corner near his mother, till the appearance of a slight refection caused both groups to melt into one.
  • At many meetings, spinners and merchants have peacefully sat at the same Board table, although the interests of both groups are frequently opposed to each other.
  • A second party was picking its way along the bank some distance away, both groups seemingly heading toward a point a building or two to the left of the one where Raf had taken cover.
  • The holes by which air enters the bones are usually much larger in Pterodactyles than in Birds, but the entrance to the air cell prolonged into the bones is the same in form and position in both groups.
  • Germany should have offered to cease to pile up armaments, if our desire for friendly relations all round could be so extended as to bring all the Powers belonging to both groups into them, along with England.
  • To-day from a really religious point of view, both groups of diseases must be acknowledged to be natural or with Mrs. Eddy, as the work of the unholy spirit.
  • The more personal, social and moral traits, however, such as cooperativeness, unselfishness, kindliness, cheerfulness, and integrity, show large divergence of the individual judgment with both groups.
  • Both groups of facts which we have studied so far, have dealt with processes which were indeed not conscious but which we had no right to call subconscious inasmuch as they contained no mental process at all but only physiological dispositions and actions.
  • We learn from this fact, that the seas which separate the islands from each other are wide enough to prevent the passage even of flying animals, and that we must look to the same causes as having led to the present distribution of both groups.
  • Not the least remarkable of the many astonishing resemblances of these light aerial creatures to the more heavy bodied Dinosaurs is the circumstance that the humerus in both groups makes a not dissimilar approach to that of certain Mammals.
  • When both groups are fairly equal, the market is steady, while a decline or an advance is caused by a preponderance of one over the other; finally, this adjusts itself again, by the fact, that a rapid advance will produce sellers and vice versa.
  • From these measurements it appears that the Bila-an are somewhat shorter than the Bagobo; are more short headed, the majority being brachycephalic; while the height from tragus to vertex is about the same in both groups, and both have the crown and back of the head strongly arched.
  • Greece desires to be independent of both groups of the European system, but the action of Italy in regard to Northern Epirus and in regard to Rhodes and the Dodecanese has produced a feeling of irritation and resentment among the Greeks which nothing is likely to allay or even greatly alleviate.
  • Both groups of dancers now begin to move slowly and in rhythm with the following song toward the figure standing in the center of the space, singing, as they move, the Ritual Song
  • If the _P. schmidtorum_ group and the _P. euthysanota_ group each evolved from separate hylid stocks, then the ventrolateral glands must have developed independently in both groups.
  • Considering the differences in skeletal and muscular structures, between pigeons and swallows, it would be much more remarkable if an alternative were the case, that is to say if the thoracic artery _had the same site of attachment on the subclavian_ in both groups.
  • But at one stage in the general reduction of the skull in the ancestry of both groups, a condition similar to that in _
  • _Microtus_ independently, or from an ancestor common to both groups and not common to any other _
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