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  • No one bothered to answer and he chuckled.
  • He was not a young man who bothered to blush unseen.
  • Everybody being busy, nobody bothered to answer that.
  • Why should I be bothered to learn all this rubbish?
  • Why had Mrs. Bailly bothered to tell him at all?
  • Neither Goodham nor I bothered to cross-examine the former.
  • I'm bothered to death.
  • Only a few American aviators have bothered to obtain the Ae.
  • Fact is, I haven't bothered to give the matter much thought.
  • I'm bothered to death."
  • I hadn't bothered to think about it."
  • Why else should you and Higginson have bothered to come here?'
  • He seems in trouble; but you don't feel like being bothered to-day, do you?"

How To Use Bothered To In A Sentence?

  • When she hated him most, he had still had a lurking attraction for her, or she would not have bothered to cross swords.
  • Even worse, the pressure at his hip told him that he hadn't even bothered to take his sidearm off.
  • As she anticipated, it was from her father, and with his usual disregard for economy he had not bothered to omit words.
  • He is above mortal vicissitudes; behind his demoniac eye dwells a critique of humanity which he would not be bothered to utter if he could.
  • I would not have bothered to put such a polish on it yesterday if I had known it was coming back to me!
  • She had already a definite attitude towards social questions that I had never bothered to investigate.
  • A father who left him to tend the swine, who did nothing for his education, would not have bothered to take him a-soldiering.
  • When they fell head over heels in love with one woman, they never bothered to analyse the feelings of any other female thing on earth!
  • After reading letters for a couple of hours, I don't believe we bothered to cross out much.
  • Had Cleopatra bothered to study physiognomy, she might have sought some more hopeful plan than to enslave such a man as this new invader.
  • Odin had never bothered to learn the different gradations in Grim Hagen's slave-world.
  • She had not bothered to look out of the window because she thought it was one of the work people from the neighborhood, making a short cut through the grounds.
  • Only a Mrs. Crump would have bothered to bring such tag ends of womanly presence into this bare and rugged spot in the wilderness.
  • He did not trouble to go up and look at the boat on the lake; and but for what he had said the day before, he would never have bothered to look at the sawmill.
  • In just what the favouring circumstances could consist, the fallen star had not bothered to indicate, and she had not bothered because they were too obvious and also because she was sure that Cassy was not insane.
  • Well, that swamp slowly dried up during the summer, and it left something like a gap in both lines, but the gap was so well covered by the batteries on both sides that neither bothered to extend earthworks across it.
  • No one bothered to look out; she reached the locker room and dusted the wheelchair just as if she'd been getting it for a real patient.
  • He hadn't bothered to dye his graying hair, or to smooth the premature wrinkles on his long-nosed, thin-lipped face.
  • Standing with her hands in the soapy water, or wiping dry the hideous blue-and-white dinner service of Wisteria Villa, she never even bothered to look up to see where the shells were landing.
  • He hadn't started carrying a gun when he had left for Terra, and he was wondering, now, why any of them bothered to.
  • If we hadn't done everything we could to aggravate Caspian and make him more jealous than ever of Storm, just as his jealousy had been simmering down, probably he wouldn't have bothered to carry out his old threat.
  • The shrewd old Yankee storekeeper told them that all the timber land in that section was controlled by one of the great paper and pulp companies of the State, and that campers never bothered to get permission to use the land.
  • If from the habits of a lifetime, it had not become a sort of second nature with me never to leave anything worth having behind if there was the slightest chance of my being able to carry it away, I am sure that I should not have bothered to fill my pockets and that basket.
  • It is possible, even probable, that a conscientious judge who bothered to read the law could go through a careful analysis and find that Markie's use went beyond de minimis copying, that it was neither creative, parodic, nor short enough to count as a fair use.
  • he wouldn't want to be bothered to buy me fishing-lines when he's with his regiment.
  • For heaven's sake tell him no one would have bothered to murder the old wretch!"
  • I would not have bothered to put such a polish on it yesterday if I had known it was coming back to me!"
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