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  • That is what bothers me.
  • Charlie never bothers me.
  • It bothers me though.
  • My stomach bothers me.
  • It bothers him in seeing brands.
  • Your father seldom bothers himself.
  • It bothers him even if he is delirious.
  • So it is the rotundity of my subject that bothers me.
  • Only one thing bothers me a little.
  • It sometimes accumulates so fast that it bothers me.
  • I like the gay town because no one bothers you.
  • Nobody bothers the doctors, you know.
  • Nothing of much value, but it bothers me.
  • I feel like something severe bothers you.
  • If the second one bothers you, forget it.
  • Nobody bothers us, and we bother nobody.
  • She never bothers much with the utterly hopeless papers.
  • That pirate you belted with the pistol bothers me, though.
  • I mind my own business, and no one ever bothers me.
  • I confess that this bothers me. . . .
  • But in the East nobody bothers about a thing like that.
  • But I missed badly on one point, and it bothers me.
  • And speech-making always bothers me, for I am very nervous.
  • That's what bothers me.
  • I suppose it is the weight of all the learning that bothers you.
  • It's your eagerness that bothers me.
  • It's his wife that bothers me.
  • The thing that bothers me most of all is getting up so early.
  • The possum's tail bothers me.
  • The only thing that bothers me is whether we are doing it the right way.
  • We'll fix up whatever bothers you.
  • Mice includes everything that bothers by day or goes thump in the night.
  • There is, for instance, a cow that bothers me more than a little.
  • To do the Desert justice, she rarely bothers to wipe out evidence of a kill.
  • It bothers me; I don't know what to do when women cry.
  • Did I need any more bothers than I have had since my return?
  • Order what you like, and if Mrs. Mawson bothers you, send her to me.

How To Use Bothers In A Sentence?

  • At any rate this was the only allusion that she made to his bothers and worries.
  • I mean something the matter with their chests or throats, or bothers like that.
  • Nothing grieves me now; nothing troubles me, nothing bothers me or gets my attention.

Definition of Bothers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bother | plural of bother
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