Bottle And In A Sentence

How To Use Bottle And In A Sentence?

  • At his elbow stood a bottle and a glass, both empty.
  • The cork popped out of the bottle and I spattered.
  • Get the peroxide bottle and a teaspoon, Ern.
  • Bob and I finished the bottle, and then we parted.
  • Daddy Blake took a bottle, and filled it with water.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bottle And | Bottle And Sentence

  • Underneath are a bottle and a basket.
  • Bottle and seal tight.
  • Lift out the bottle and dipper together.
  • Bottle and seal while boiling hot.
  • She brings the bottle and fills for him.
  • There was wine in the bottle and he drank.
  • And he brought out a bottle and some glasses.
  • She snatched up the bottle and poured more wine.
  • By this time both bottle and plates were empty.
  • The coachman took the bottle and emptied it.
  • There was a bottle and an overturned glass on his desk.
  • Husband puts her in a bottle and drops it to earth.
  • I corks up my bottle and puts it into my pocket.
  • Why did you not bring me a milk-bottle and a rattle?
  • He drank a little from the bottle and corked it again.
  • He got at an oxygen-bottle and inhaled deeply.
  • He got at an oxygen bottle and inhaled deeply.
  • I borrowed a water-bottle and two blankets.
  • So they got the bottle and found it nearly empty.
  • He recorked the bottle and put it in his hip pocket.
  • Again his eye sought the whisky bottle and held.
  • Bottle and cork well and keep in a dark place.
  • Bottle and cork tight and keep in a dark place.
  • Then he went to the kitchen and got a bottle and a glass.
  • Pass the bottle and let the old devil croak.
  • The gas rises in the bottle and displaces the water.
  • He held a bottle, and was talking fast.
  • He reached for the whisky bottle, and filled up.
  • On the table were an empty claret bottle and two tumblers.
  • He bore in his hands a little bottle and a bank-bill.
  • Then it got another big bottle and went to sleep once more.
  • When cold, bottle and cork well.
  • He put down the bottle, and went to work at the food again.
  • Water-bottle, and tumbler, and lamp.
  • And taking his bottle and bag, he trudged to the court.
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