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  • She rose from the rush bottomed chair with a sigh.
  • The "Adriatic" (our vessel) was iron bottomed and drew six feet of water.

How To Use Bottomed In A Sentence?

  • The flat bottomed boats are the safest and it is almost impossible to tip them over.
  • They are, however, much heavier and harder to manage than the round bottomed boats.
  • The cellar had two feet of stagnant water in it, and was bottomed with six inches of soft mud.
  • For which reason we ought to be bottomed enough in principle not to be carried away upon the first prospect of any sinister advantage.
  • They also, in accordance with established custom, put up a little flag to show all whom it might concern that they had bottomed on gold.
  • It is not very long since I turned prospector, but I have twice bottomed on gold and had to let it go.

Definition of Bottomed

(in combination) Having some specified type of bottom. | simple past tense and past participle of bottom
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