Boudoir In A Sentence

Definition of Boudoir

A woman's private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom.

How To Use Boudoir In A Sentence?

  • That boudoir in which he had hidden through the end of the long reception had been upon the water.
  • Lillian of the bright-pink boudoir cap engaged me in conversation this morning.
  • The ladies immediately came out of the boudoir in a row, and asked him for his blessing.
  • The boudoir door closed after the elders, and there was silence in the drawing-room.
  • Women of position received not necessarily in a drawing-room, or even in a boudoir but in bed.
  • Their light fell on luxurious furniture, fit for the boudoir of a lovely and noble lady.
  • As he went into the little boudoir it happened that Hyacinth was turning her back to him.
  • From a boudoir on the same floor there came murmurs of two voices, a man's and a woman's.
  • Lady St Edmunds had a boudoir to which only her most select associates were admitted.
  • Then she heard the boudoir door open, and Janey came out, making a plucky attempt not to cry.
  • The boudoir was at the front of the house, up-stairs, overlooking the Quemado Road.
  • Once Darnley found Garrick's wig in Peg's boudoir and railed at her infidelity to himself.
  • The room in which he sat might have been the boudoir of the most fastidious woman spoiled by the luxury of the court.
  • Among other things he had planned a boudoir which alone represented an expenditure of nearly half a million francs.
  • From the boudoir she moved slowly, carrying one of the gilt candelabra from the table to light the room.
  • It was reached by a long shaded walk that led to it from the lawn, on which the glass doors of her pretty boudoir opened.
  • Zelle in das Boudoir der Lady Milford oder in den Hafen von Genua verwandeln konnte?!
  • They closed the door of the boudoir behind them after they had completed their inspection, and at another door Harboro paused impressively.
  • So, when Alan had audience of her in her boudoir late that evening, he found no difficulty in making his cause good.
  • The girls entered the little boudoir which Mrs. Chetwynd had so carefully prepared for her darlings.
  • Lady Earle's boudoir was always considered one of the prettiest rooms at Earlescourt.
  • By comparison with the big garden of Le Notre this latter conception is as a boudoir to a reception hall.
  • She went into the boudoir with Dorine: there was a card-table, with cards and markers, but there was no one in the room.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Boudoir | Boudoir Sentence

  • The boudoir door was opposite.
  • Her boudoir cap is lacy.
  • All the doors of the boudoir and bedroom were open.
  • He came upon a boudoir where several men were speaking.
  • The man near the door of the boudoir held a revolver....
  • Sylvia sat in her boudoir by an open window and watched him approach.
  • Moreover, his pen gets its ink in the boudoir of an actress.
  • The lovely boudoir called to her, but she would not enter it.
  • The man near the boudoir was also very dark, and his eyes were terrible.
  • The whistling came nearer, then ceased, and the door of the boudoir opened.
  • And the couriers' dining-room was a princess's boudoir in an enchanted palace.
  • Une femme est dans son boudoir comme un tableau dans son cadre.
  • Le boudoir est l'antichambre de la Bastille.
  • So Matilda went into the darkened, mysterious boudoir of the receptions.
  • Madame Pompadour herself had no lovelier boudoir than Beatrice.
  • A boudoir in the chateau of Tourlaville, 209 BODMIN.
  • It was about six o'clock, and Hyacinth was sitting in her boudoir alone.

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