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How To Use Boulders In A Sentence?

  • His only protection was the rough rampart of boulders which had been thrown over from the roof.
  • Through stones and sand and boulders it came in an impetuous hurricane of power.
  • In a little while they were hurling boulders down on an enemy that seemed inclined to parley.
  • He was told that it was the custom to place these boulders around the base of the house.
  • So we make a portage over the first rocks, and find footing on some boulders below.
  • At other times boulders and crevices would block them until they had made free use of dynamite.
  • The boulders seemed to make a fair bed after finding the best place to take their pressure.
  • I had no means of determining, as huge boulders blocked up the view at a few paces ahead.
  • We found generally more boulders than water, and the down grade of the river bed was heavy.
  • Huge boulders had rolled down the sides, and lay piled along the bed of the gorge.
  • Large boulders studded the approach to it, and we might come to grief if we struck one of them.
  • Among slippery boulders and cruel jagged rocks and treacherous shingle he ran like a hare.
  • Thor was now hidden among the boulders and broken masses of sandstone, following her trail.
  • The bow of the boat touched the huge boulders which formed a bar across the mouth of the cave.
  • The gorge was of considerable length, and was strewn throughout with great boulders of ironstone.
  • Dimly Henry saw objects here and there which he thought were boulders and clumps of bushes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Boulders | Boulders Sentence

  • I could where the boulders joined.
  • Huge boulders occurred all over the level.
  • Several boulders were found in the grave.
  • Large china boulders were scattered everywhere.
  • Great rocks and boulders bounded down the hills.
  • River boulders were found from top to bottom.
  • Giant boulders were scattered across the rocky floor.
  • Loose boulders tripped me and stout bushes saved me.
  • The infantry came among the boulders and began to open out.
  • We made the boulders burn, as a Frenchman would say.
  • These boulders were probably uncovered during the excavation for the house.
  • There are water-worn boulders in and on the embankments surrounding them.
  • The boulders varied in weight from about 7 to 30 pounds.
  • Of course the boulders and stones must have gone clean over.
  • He walked down the little slope of sand and boulders and examined the cliff.
  • Beaudry followed a bed of boulders that straggled toward the pine grove.
  • She scrambled up among the boulders and made straight for the great wall.
  • Connor took it and hurled it out of sight along the boulders beyond the gate.
  • There were two white boulders beside which the trickle of water rippled.
  • The waves were already foaming white among the scattered boulders at its base.
  • Blue-white moss carpeted it except where reddish boulders broke the blueness.
  • Here and there, boulders of freshly fallen masonry strewed the path.
  • As the sun sank lower in the west the boulders took on many fanciful shapes.
  • Between two great boulders there was a track, evidently a good deal used.

Definition of Boulders

plural of boulder
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