Bound For In A Sentence

Definition of Bound For

(sometimes figuratively) Moving towards, going in the direction of.

How To Use Bound For In A Sentence?

  • Me, he told, he was bound for Venus.
  • Am thinkin' the minister's bound for Tilliedrum.
  • All bound for Table Bay.
  • I am bound for California by way of the Isthmus.
  • They were bound for the Bar S and a job.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bound For | Bound For Sentence

  • Bound for the northern seas.
  • Where are you bound for next?
  • In it she is bound for all time.
  • He was bound for home.
  • On the same cart were bound for the fair.
  • I am hell-bound for eternity.
  • Where we was bound for and why is none of your business.
  • Bound for purer woods and skies.
  • They demanded to know where that train was bound for.
  • He believed in hell and told you you were bound for it.
  • How far is a husband bound for the maintenance of his wife?
  • He gazed at her spell-bound for a second or two.
  • No man left it in the morning bound for business.
  • As bound for bright achievement, not for death.
  • Every ship bound for our shores must be captured or sunk.
  • So he was bound for Antwerp!
  • He was bound for Calcutta.
  • We were bound for Madrid.
  • We are bound for Edelweiss.
  • And she was now bound for Paris.
  • They were bound for the Armenian convent.
  • We are bound for some port on the Riviera.
  • The frigates were bound for Batavia.
  • Every ship is bound for Thule.
  • Doubtless they were also bound for Algiers.
  • Were they really bound for Bristol?
  • And now we meet again on the steamer bound for Europe!
  • Where was Molly bound for at this early hour?
  • To Iemon she is bound for two existences.
  • Should he a soldier sail bound for those Ilian walls.
  • I believe it must be a steamer bound for Tampa.
  • Come with me, we will board the train bound for Marquette.
  • Three ships bound for America went down last month.
  • A funeral procession, bound for the graveyard at Wayfleet.
  • I seem to see a storm-tossed soul Bound for eternity.

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